Smile Like You Mean It.

So all of the photos below were taken by my friend Ellen and I'm so so soooo pleased to be able to finally show them to you!

I feel like I'm repeating myself a bit here but stay with me, I'm going somewhere with this... Rewind back to before my blog existed and I was using my Instagram alone as an outlet to show my style. Instagram for me is like the lazy bloggers, blog. It's a wonderful platform for people to share their style with the rest of the world, with minimal effort involved and I, for one think that's great! I wasn't intentionally using my Instagram as a "bloggers platform" per se, it was simply a natural progression through loving clothes and loving fashion. Slowly my Instagram became less of a personal account and more concentrated on my style. Rewind a little bit forward to last November and I finally decided to create my own lil' blog (this very one here, oh er!)! 

Blogging for me had its pros but it also came with cons. Pros; I can explain so much more about my outfits, my inspirations and my personality in much more depth, without feeling constrained by short captions and one quick outfit shot. Cons; I soon realised that if I was going to want to explain things in more depth, my photos would have to be in more depth too and this would mean organising shoots and more to the point having my photo taken. Blurgh... Standing in front of your mirror, on your own is all very well and good for me, but having someone else take my picture? Well now that's just something I'm a little less inclined to do. To summarise, I reeeeeally hate having my photograph taken (as so many of us do).

In May, Ellen asked me to do a shoot with her, in which she asked me to put together a laid back, more "edgy" kind of outfit and I did, very easily, as laid back is my middle name when it comes to style. She wanted the photos to have more attitude, be more blasé, like I didn't care. For me, this was a challenge. I can have my photo taken no problem, anyone can! But to have your photo taken and act care free about it? Well that's much harder to force then you'd think. I hated it. If anything, trying to act like I didn't care made me more self aware and more tense and oh god... I just looked so far removed from cool that's all I can say. 

Poor Ellen had the patience of a saint and we persisted in trying to get the right shoots, when finally Ellen decided to try a little experiment. She asked me to pick my favourite song and sing it to her, like I would if I was on a night out and my inhibitions were at a low. Naturally I argued against this idea, naturally I lost... Quite literally one of the worst, most utterly mortifying moments of my life is singing to my friend, in the middle of Manchester, midday Saturday, whilst she takes pictures of me. Horrendous. But... It worked! I sang, I laughed, I danced, Ellen got the shots she was after and I died a little inside... Small price to pay for a good photo. And they ARE amazing, they make me smile. They probably show a million times more of my personality then any other photo shoot I've done so far! And that's way I'm so pleased to be able to show you them, because wasn't that the exact reason I started this blog in the first place?

FYI... I chose Arctic Monkeys, I Bet You Look Good On The Dance. Word for word, I was perfect. Note by Note, not so much. 

Sophia X 

Leather Jacket- Whistles
T-Shirt- Bella Freud
Jeans- Topshop "Mom Jean"
Footwear- Converse


  1. I feel exactly the same about having my photos taken! They are beautiful shots though, Ellen is clearly very talented! x

    India Charlotte♥

  2. These are amazing photos, definitely worth the awkwardness of singing in the street! You look fab, like a mini Alexa!

    Anna xx | Anna Hopeless

  3. you would never be able to tell that you weren't exactly too keen on the idea of taking these photos! they turned out absolutely wonderful! so pleased for you!

  4. I love candid photos like this and the fact that you were singing AM hehe I also love the way you styled the Bella Freud top, I've had my eye on the rocker one for ages

  5. I am the same with getting someone else to take my blog pictures, I find it so hard to relax! You look absolutely stunning in these pictures though and I love the styling. x