Hit Me With Your Girl Boss.

We're constantly taught that "if life throws you lemons, make lemonade" but what if I don't want lemonade? When the crap hits the fan, what if I just don't have time to make a refreshing beverage? What if I'm ill prepared for lemonade making, I barely own cutlery but now you're expecting me to own a juicer? Are you kidding me? What if my lemons are off, feeling a bit mushy, way out of their sell by date? And who exactly is throwing these annoying pieces of fruit at me?! Why aren't we resolving this right at the source of the problem and asking life "what kind of sane being throws fruit around? Have some decorum, please!"... Nope I'm sorry but telling me to "make lemonade" just doesn't cut it. It's all a little too vague for my liking. I need more details than that. When life is being a first class bitch and hits me with its best shot, I'd like to skip the citrus fruit pep talk, get some real guidance and throw my best punch right back at it. I'd like some reassurance that everything is going to work out because one way or another I'm going to MAKE it work out. 

Cue the new to Netflix series, Girl Boss. From money problems to career building. From cheating boyfriends to hernia, Girl Boss has you covered on showing you just how to sort out a problem. OK so its guidance is sometimes a little rough around the edges but such is life... Girl Boss has undoubtedly had mixed opinions and just like the old faithful Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. I hate Marmite but I love Girl Boss, that said I completely appreciate that some of the criticism received is more than justified. Do not fear, I get it. It's possibly a touch romanticised and the lead character is full on to say this least. But before you disregard this series as eye roll inducing fluff and type cast the main character as just another painful portrayal of "young girl against the world", let's first look at why exactly we dislike Sophia and then, why we most definitely should not.

To some of us- mentioning know names- it's a little too easy to draw parallels with both Girl Boss and our own lives. The lead characters name is Sophia (oh damn it!), she has a penchant for vintage fashion and her boyfriend is a drummer. Where've I heard that storyline before? But for others finding Sophia's character relatable is a little more inconceivable. But this is the thing, there is something to be learnt from Girl Boss which every girl should take note of and adhere to. Scratch away at the cutesy, borderline rom-com, "oh but no one would seriously act that way in real life" surface of Girl Boss and ironically you have your average Joe's/Girl's real life, everyday struggle. Ok so let's address the biggest gripe most people have with Girl Boss, Sophia has way too much sass going on and maybe it's a little unrealistic. But don't you just wish you could muster together a come back half as quick and half as witty as Sophia's? Maybe the real problem isn't her attitude but that we're lacking the courage to be just as cutting as her. Maybe a bit of a bad attitude, can take you a long way. Maybe it cuts through the crap and gets you want you really want in life. No bullshit. No niceties. Just straight to the point.

If I told you I was a real go getter kind of girl who never asked for help from anybody but myself, you'd applaud me and say how inspiring I was. So how come when we see an over exaggerated version of this in Sophia, we find it annoying? We are precondition by film/TV into thinking the character of a "go getter" woman is often a bitch, only out for herself, scary and intimidating when the fact of the matter is Sophia is exactly what we are all striving to be on- albeit- maybe a slightly more extreme level. Shouldn't we find Sophia's selfishness, even a touch liberating? Everything around her is falling to pieces so what does she do? She put's herself first and gets her shit together. Inevitably she continues to care more about her career than her own boyfriend and in the end aren't you so very relieved she did? The generic story line would normally go like; girl's life goes wrong, girl mets boy, boy saves girl and we all live happily ever after. At not one point throughout the whole thirteen episodes do you ever consider it to be the man to save her, not her boyfriend nor her dad. Good! If Sophia had waited for eternal happiness from her boyfriend, I think it's safe to say she'd have been waiting a reeeeeally long time. She chose her career and although it'a not the most romantic option, she chose right. But she's a bitch? Who cares, she's a bitch with her priorities in order.

Sometimes life doesn't want to play fair. Sometimes it feels like everything is against you, you can't get a thing right and your own little world is literally hell on earth. We've all been there and we all power along, it's just we never give ourselves enough credit for actually getting through to the other side. Winston Churchill was a tough guy and you know what he said? he said "If you feel like you're going through hell, keep on going" because that's all we can do and Sophia is the perfect embodiment of this notion. Credit where credit's due; her plate is more of a buffet spread of problems, she's got a heck of a lot on it. But whatever obstacle she's faced with, she faces it head on. She takes control over an otherwise out of control lifestyle. Got Hernia but no healthcare? Get a shitty job. Hate your shitty job? Start a business. Even in the most "out of your hands" situation such as cheating she manages to pull it together. Even on her ridiculously successful launch night when she's having a secret cry about her boyfriend, there's not a single doubt in your mind that this girl is going to be ok. You for once in a TV series don't root for her to get back with that guy, you root for her to have a happily ever after all on her own. Now isn't that a little refreshing?

The biggest lesson you can draw from Sophia is that how ever competent or incompetent you are at handling your life, you are unfortunately/luckily the boss of it. Every decision, every mistake, every new venture, it all boils down to your say and no one else's. The power is in our- questionably- capable hands. We're all guilty of forgetting that, it's easily done but why not see Girl Boss as simply a gentle reminder that you're in fact in control? Provided you want to, you can and you WILL boss at life. Maybe we all need to head out and hunt down our dream vintage jacket. The kind that says "get the fuck out of my way world" along with the right attitude to boot.

Forget lemons. When life gives you hell, give 'em hell back.

Sophia x
(Aspiring girl boss)

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