Good Day Sunshine... Hello Autumn.

I can never decide which ones worse; transitional dressing from winter into summer or vice versa? I guess with winter into summer we're always so eager to dust off our most beloved sandals and flaunt our favourite sundresses. I mean a bit of vitamin C never hurt anyone did it?! There's something about sun kissed skin that just makes you feel like a better version of yourself. And let's face it, in the UK you're kind of deprived of sun for the majority of the year, so you can't really blame us for being the keenest beans in the can when summertime comes a-knocking! Summer into winter on the other hand... Ugh, well this is a little more arduous to say the least. Don't get me wrong all things considered Autumn is technically my favourite season of the lot. It's cosy, it's crisp, the colours outside your house and inside your wardrobe are better (in my humble opinion) and there's plenty of festive fun to anticipate. No, it's not the season itself that's the issue. It's the "what on earth do I wear" conundrum that comes with it that really gets my goat. 

It's all the decisions and winter wardrobe politics that really bother me... When is the best time to resign yourself to full on winter coat wearing? It's mild outside so is a chunk knit a touch excessive? I don't want my healthy summer glow to turn into just a hot and flustered sweaty sheen? Is it still acceptable to wear the same jeans I lived in throughout summer right through into December? I mean they're stone wash... Is stonewash a winter thing? It's difficult to know what you should say Bon Voyage to and what can stay with you for the looooong, cold, winter haul. I've decided to pick out a few key looks/pieces I absolutely EXHAUSTED throughout summer which I feel I can equally eke out into winter too! Hooray! And celebrate this I've decided to bombard this post with one of my favourite outfits from summer which bar the espadrilles (yes I know, it's sad but you have GOT to say goodbye to these through winter unless you cruising for frost bite) is totally adaptable for autumn! Double hooray!

1. Denim Do and Denim Don't

Denim is always a tricky little thing when your transitional dressing but it really doesn't have to be. I tend to use denim as the base to any outfit and I build around it. For example the aforementioned stone wash is definitely seen as more of a summer denim with darker indigo washes seemingly more appropriate for winter. Logic would tell you that's correct but try and throw logic out of the window! Stoned washed denim with a chunky cable knit jumper is one of my favourite, favourite, FAVOURITE looks through out autumn! It's so effortless and there's a real Jane Birkin feel to it. The only stone wash I tend to try and stir clear of is in my dungarees. I know, I know it's not a very "me" thing to say as I live in my faded, vintage inspired overalls. I just have to be honest with myself, they're far too light to team with thick knitwear, they look bizarre with a winter coat and if you try adding a boot you look like you got dressed in the dark. Invest in an indigo wash overall ideally in a more hard wearing, thicker denim and style with a trench, muted toned knitwear and any shoe you like! Spot on!
I also find denim skirts and dresses seem like a tough one to style throughout autumn and again they really don't have to be at all! I find knee length is key and I'm gladly planning to continue wearing a denim midi skirt throughout autumn. It's the perfect accompaniment for a retro patterned blouse or a autumnal toned turtleneck (did I just invent a new tongue twister?). Just try and resist a tight for as long as possible to avoid treading into librarian style territory... Not that there's particularly anything wrong with that! Besides I love a denim shirt dress with a grey marl tight, very geek chic in completely the right way.

2. Check Mate?

I've already mentioned this one in a previous post but at the risk of repeating myself, it's a biggie. Gingham truly invaded our wardrobes and the stores this summer but by the looks of things on Autumn/Winter catwalks and currently on the high street, none of us are quite ready to let go of the checkered romance just yet. Granted we're giving gingham check a little bit of a rest for winter (see my previous post on how to style gingham for autumn if you really can't part with it yet) but we've neatly replaced it with Price Of Wales/Tartan check instead. And there's a million and one ways to wear this pattern! Just like gingham I feel one of it's biggest appeals is how accessible it is for your wardrobe, in some ways acting as a replacement for any denim pieces in an outfit... i.e. Replace a denim jacket with a check blazer, a denim skirt with a check pinafore or how about a wide leg tailored trouser? And remember Princes Of Wales check can be dressed down, you are not literally THE Price Of Wales.
3. Tea Dress For Two (More Seasons)

Another huge trend this summer was the 1940's inspired floral, midi tea dress. Oh my word I do love a floaty dress, I really do (Reformation, I'm looking at you right now)! So light, breezy and super flattering! But don't fear, this shape/look is as easily doable for Autumn as it was for summer. Think nostalgic British dressing and add a cable knit cardigan. Change up your colour combination from pastels and swap them for earthy tones; burnt oranges and rich burgundies. Or alternative how about velvet? I love a velvet or metallic midi skirt and fishnets with a classic black heeled boot! Super chic and very, very simple. I'm yet to see this shaped dress disappear from the high street and as it's so kind on some many body shapes, why would you want it to? Perfect for a cosy tea party indoors and out of the cold, or glammed up for a work's winter party.

4. Dare To Flare

It's always a no brainer for me to wear vintage inspired looks all year round as this is basically what my personal style is predominantly built on! Specifically I draw a lot of inspiration from sixties and seventies fashion, as I'm sure you've all well aware and this summer it was particularly easy for us to get that real retro, radical look. Seventies style flared jeans and patterned shirts have been right on trend throughout most of 2017 and they're sticking around for winter too. Yippee! For me the flare has become my jean shape of choice. I'm naturally small in my build but I'm hippy (no pun intended maaaan) so skinny jeans were never exactly flattering for my shape. Flares on the other hand suit my long legs but wide hips perfectly. In summer I wore them laid back with a "geeky" sandal, in winter I've been teaming them with victorian, chunky heeled boot... A la Stevie Nicks. 

It's a similar story with seventies hues. We saw a lot of colour combinations this summer which took huge inspiration from retro floral patterns and sixties style summer dresses and those colours can easily fit into your winter wardrobe too! Baby blue is generically a colour for summer but swap it for a slightly darker cornflower blue, team with browns/burgundies and you've got yourself a staple seventies colour combo and key look for winter! Moreover I planning on invest in a mustard coat this year, I've spoken about citrus tones in a previous post and they're so easy to wear all year round! I love mustard and black in an outfit for colour blocking. I'm also seeing a lot of burnt, vivid orange knitwear pieces popping up (quite literally) in the shops which I adore teaming with a black leather/vinyl skirt... Kind of halloween inspired with a touch of retro to make your outfit entirely cool and completely acceptable.
One last retro inspired classic winter must have is cord. For me this is an essential and one of my long standing, favourite looks is a corduroy pinafore with a roll neck and tights. I also invested in a pair of cord flares recently in a powder pink... Another typical summer tone, but teamed with deep greens and/or browns and it takes on a more rustic, retro feel perfect for autumn!
One of the biggest factors in transitional dressing I'm starting to figure out fast is that a lot of these wardrobe "rules" we have in our head are instilled ideas of what's a "summer look" and what's "for winter only". Ok so certain pieces definitely have their place but it's about breaking down trends/looks and simply applying notes of them to whatever season your dressing for. Mix it up a little! It's sad enough saying goodbye to all that wonderful sun, don't say goodbye to your favourite items of clothing too!

Sophia x

See some of my favourite transitional pieces on the high street below and for more Autumnal inspiration take a nosey at my Pinterest Board:


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