You've Got To Hide Your Days Away- Top Manchester Spots

Now in my last post I mostly complained about the dreadful weather (which was very stereotypically British of me, I know) and how impossible it is to not only dress for summer but from day to day. A few weeks on and I'm afraid to say not much has changed. We're now comfortably sat in the middle of June and it's grey, wet and frankly a little chilly. This morning for example I woke up around 7am to let Pep (the pup) outside and it honestly felt a little like Autumn! Where is the sun? Will Summer ever arrive? and more pressingly, what on earth am I going to do for Glastonbury in a few weeks time? Unfortunately there is no miracle cure for the bad June weather (I heard that apparently yesterday in particular received a months worth of rain... great, good to know) and so we just have to make the best of a bad situation. For some that could be escaping the weather by jetting off to sunnier climates and for others that's simply grinning and bearing the weather right here as best we can. Now as a born and bred Mancunian, aptly titled one of the rainiest cities in the UK, you may say that I'm a little bit of a dab hand when it comes to expertly avoiding the rain at all costs. Living, working and more challengingly shooting in Manchester has certainly taught me a thing or two about where to head when caught in a down pour and so I thought I'd share some of my all time favourite hide away's in my favourite city!

Whitworth Locke

New to the city, Whitworth Locke has been on my "to do" list for quite some time now and I was lucky enough to finally pay it a visit just last week! Situated smack bang in the middle of Manchester, Whitworth Lockes is a renovated cotton mill with some of the best interior design I've seen within the city (not to give you guys a brief history lesson but Manchester played a pivotal role in the industrial revolution and so you will find it's not uncommon for a lot of restaurants, bars and hotels to be situated in old Victorian banks, mills and businesses). Whitworth Locke is basically a space with a list as long as my arm of functions! From hotel/apartments, to bar and work area, to cafe and soon to be restaurant. There really is a million excuses to visit this beautiful building besides hiding from the rain! For me personally I love the practicality of the space mixed with the incredible decor. Not only have they successfully managed to perfectly combine the heritage of the building with modern interior and beautiful colour palettes but the conservatory bar area or Foundation cafe adjoining are both such great places to sit and watch the world go by with a latte in hand. 

Ezra & Gil

My OG Northern Quarter hang out, that I've been raving about since it first opened up a few years back. Located in the heart of the Northern Quarter, just off Stevenson Square this moody cafe is exactly the kind of cool you'd expect from this area of town. It's got a really laid back vibe teamed with the best Chai Latte and Granola I've ever had and for this reason alone Ezra & Gil will forever be my firm favourite. Not only is it a great space to take your laptop mid week (word of warning do not visit on the weekends if you're after a chilled time or in need of cracking down some work, it's heaving and a little chaotic) but the window seats provide the perfect spot for people watching whilst waiting for the rain to pass by. 

Sugar Junction

Sugar Junction is an original fixture in the Northern Quarter and I feel like it's been sat on Tibb Street for as long as I can remember. It seems like a slightly obviously choice to add to my list however it truly is one of my hide out cafes of choice so it deserved to make an appearance no matter how blatant it is. This cute and very chintzy cafe is not only a sweet treat on the eyes with its mismatching antique furnishings and floral china cups but on your taste buds too! In my humble opinion Sugar Junction has the best selection of cakes and desserts this side of Manchester. If you're fed up of the rain and you need a little moment to indulged than I would hold heartily advise you pay this place a visit. Treat yourself! (French Toast is also advised)

Proper Tea

Another beautiful Victorian building with gigantic windows turned into a modern day cafe! The only difference is this one comes with a pretty amazing view, with Manchester Cathedral as it's next door neighbour. I absolutely love this side of town as it truly does situate some of Manchester's most prized architecture and is perfect for both sunny days strolling as well as grey, rainy days hiding away. Proper Tea is a really cute little cafe perfect for gazing out of the window at a busy Deansgate on one side and an awe inspiring Cathedral on the other. As the name suggests this place specialises in loose leaf teas because there's nothing you need more when escaping the rain than a good old brew!


One of my favourite cafes to visit in Liverpool is always Leaf! Always reliable for a good breakfast (possibly when hungover) and a really chilled atmosphere so imagine my delight when a few years back it decided to open up in Manchester! Located on Portland Street in a pretty hustling and bustling part of town, this cute and every so cool cafe is a nice little escape from the chaos. I can assure you that the breakfast in Manchester is just as good as Liverpool and worth a little visit for a grey day "pick me up"!

The Patron

Last stop and we're back in Northern Quarter at one of my favourite spaces for coffee, lunch and a little drink with friends. Like many of the spots I've chosen The Patron has huge windows (can you tell I like daydreaming out of windows/being a little nosey) which span the whole corner of Oxford Road and Thomas Street! It's definitely got that New York vibe you can spot dotted all around Northern Quarter and the interior certainly compliments this with lots of teak furnishings and mint green booths. I'd be perfectly happy just spending my entire day in there! I would certainly recommend The Patron for a little mid week brunch whilst catching up with pals and complaining about the weather.

So there you have my little list of the perfect Manchester hide aways! Proving a little rain doesn't need to dampen your spirits or your day...

Sophia x

Outfit Details: Yellow Contrast Knitted Jumper- Stine Goya at Net-A-Porter, Floral Contrast Midi Skirt- Stine Goya at Coggles, Brown Leather Woven Sandals- Church's at Matches, Gold Pendant Necklace- Matthew Calvin

Special thanks to Whitworth Locke for letting us shooting in your wonderful building!

Photography by Rosie Butcher

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