Style Inspiration- Send Me Something Sunset Coloured

If you've been nosing enough at my Instagram this summer, you'll have noticed there's one colour which keeps popping up on my feed... I say "popping up" literally because it's the one tone certain to make anyone's wardrobe do just that... Pop, pop, pop! It's yellow. And Lord knows how difficult it was for me to NOT call this post "Yellow, is it me your looking for?"... Sorry Lionel! As an ex colourphob, who only just recently converted her wardrobe from neutral tones such as black, cream and navy into every colour under the sun, I know first hand yellow can often seem like the most daunting of all the tones to style. It's often loud, a little brash and the brightest of brights, however I'm hear to tell you yellow is SO much more than that!

All I Really Wanna Know, Is How I Got All This Way On My Own?

It's no secret that we're our own harshest critics, one man's trash is another man's treasure. You hate your height, another girl pines after your enviable legs. You wish your hair was straight, others pay ridiculous amounts of money trying to create waves. You deem yourself ditsy and clumsy, others call you carefree and wish they could just be the same. We are constantly having a dig at ourselves one way or another and unfortunately that will never ever change. Besides, self confidence is great but if we all settled for thinking we were so bloody perfect, what fun would that be? We'd have nothing to aim for... Or at least that's how I like to look at it. Lately however, I've been feeling a particular kind of discontentment towards myself, specifically in where I feel my life is "at" right now. Call it an oxymoron or just plain odd but this discontentment stems from inevitably feeling content. Some of us are just never happy hey!

Amsterdam X Bloomon- I Daydream Of You Amid The Flowers

This week I've been a busy traveling bee again! For my last post I spoke about one of my all time favourite cities, Rome and this week I was lucky enough take a trip to yet another destination at the top of my "cities I've fallen in love with" list, Amsterdam! I've been to Amsterdam on a number of occasions now but always in the winter months when the city is awash with autumnal hues, the streets are paved with fallen leaves and there's a real cosy feel to it's ornate lamp lite canals. When the fabulous folk at Bloomon invited me down to Amsterdam in August, the height of summer, to attend their Flower Festival and visit their picturesque flower fields, I jumped at the chance. The city did not disappoint in summer, embracing the season with the same relaxed, effortless, yet incredibly stylish approach it has in its winter months. The cosy lighting and rustic tones were now replaced with beautiful greenery, lining the streets and climbing up the mismatched, marzipan like houses. Bright flower boxes decorated the canal rails and potted plants dotted along the stairways, the city was know doubt in full bloom... Was there ever a more apt time to attend a flower festival?