Gola X Liberty Arts Fabric- Back To Black

We've hit September which means we're officially treading on Autumn territory and I don't know about you but I'm having a tough time completely letting go of summer dressing. There's definitely an autumnal feeling in the air yet as the weather stays moderately warm it's hard to fully commit to digging out my winter coats and chunky knits. Earlier on in the year I spoke about Gola's collaboration with Liberty Print and how it was the perfect transitional shoe from winter into summer. Well funnily enough I'm finding out that a Gola X Liberty Arts Fabric trainer is in fact equally perfect for your summer to winter transitional wardrobe too! Well done Gola! And here's why...

Two key factors to summer dressing are (for me) floral and gingham... In fact let's be frank, it's not just me absolutely NO ONE has been able to avoid gingham this summer. Which I was well and truly on board with. But there's no reason why this pattern can't be carried through into the early parts of Autumn, it's all about choosing your checks carefully. I've found that if I go for more classic, wardrobe staples such as a gingham flared trousers or a check flannel shirt, your right on the money for autumn dressing. All that's left to do is team it with a light weight jumper, your favourite cropped kick flare or a classic plimsole and you won't look like your holding on to summer for all it's might. You'll look like your embracing autumn with open arms.

I think the next big step is choosing your colours wisely. For spring I choose my Gola Liberty Print trainers in a light, fresh pastel pink which unfortunately won't bode well for your autumn wardrobe nor the weather. Trying going back to classic monochrome with your florals, as seen with my choose of black and white Gola Coaster Trainers in this post. And this rule applies to your gingham also. I know we've been spoilt for choice this summer with every gingham tone possible but the classic design is white and black so let's just pull it back to basics so your look is not just seasonless but also timeless. 

Speaking of timeless pieces, you can't go wrong with buying into your knitwear collection early and I'm finding a lot of high street stores are agreeing with me on this, as they are all dropping their best cables knits as we speak. The perfect Aran knitwear is hard to come by so I would always advise to hunt it down early. Furthermore Cable knit it's a match made in heaven with floral for the earthy, relaxed, "I'm just going on a casual autumn stroll" kind of vibe. Weather your floral is in a flippy style vintage skirt or like me, in a casual plimsole, cable will sit in with your outfit nicely. 

Floral takes on such a big part of my wardrobe through summer, it's too hard to even try and replace it in winter so instead let's change it up and carry it through. 

I'm going back to black but not as you know it.

Sophia x

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