Russell & Bromley- Buckle Up

Oh Autumn, lovely Autumn. I'm trying my hardest not to gush too hard over my all time favourite season but we're having such a lovely one this year it's proving difficult. Aside from the gloriously fresh weather, leafy walks and golden hour evenings, one of my biggest joys of Autumn is the styling that comes with it. Autumn for me, is the perfect time to get your creative juices flowing and this is at it's most applicable where your shoes are concerned. Autumn is that one moment in the year when your shoes get to truly do the talking (as well as the walking)! Dust down your favourite ankle boots and shine up those failsafe loafers, the time has arrived to get a little creative with your footwear. This year is no exception to my footwear rule, in fact I've been so sick of living in sandals all summer (I know I know first world problems) that I was more than a little over enthusiastic to jump back into my all time favourite boots. This year I've taken things one step further (excuse the pun) and I'm not only getting a little brave with my footwear choices but with the help of Russell & Bromley I'm truly making them stand out from the crowd and my outfit. So let's talk about the Russell & Bromley footwear choices you should be making this year to have the sassiest feet this Autumn!

Devil Is In The Detail

I'm never too far from my favourite classic boots around Autumn time, in fact I'd say I practically live in my usual Russell & Bromley black Chelsea boots I've had for a good six years now. They are simple, classic and oh so effortless, matching pretty much every one of my outfits throughout Autumn/Winter. But this year as much as I still adore my old faithful Chelsea boots, I feel like it's time to give things a little revamp which is why my boot of choice is the Striker boot. Much like a Chelsea boot, the Striker boot is super timeless and extremely wearable but with just those little extra details which make them extra special. The reason I adore a Chelsea boot is because there is something so androgynous and care free about them, the Striker just pushes that androgyny out a little further. The buckle detailing and the chunky design have a real boyish feel to them for a girl who has truly thrown out the rule book this Autumn. For me styling of the Striker boot is all about letting opposites attract and teaming them with more feminine, floaty outfits. I love the aesthetic of taking a girly, floral Autumn dress like the one pictured and completely juxtaposing it with a bold boot. This is a great daytime outfit for Autumn strolling or shopping the day away, simply grab your trusty bucket bag (also courtesy of Russell And Bromley) and you're ready to hit the town.

Green To Be Seen

I think it's safe to say I'm very keen on all things green! Especially where my Autumn wardrobe is concerned. It's one of those tones which somehow manages to both give your outfit the pop it needs whilst simultaneously matching most pieces easily. Green is a surefire way to give any outfit that cosy, Autumnal look we all desire at this time of year. Now I know that in the way of shoes green can seem a little bit out there but trust me when I say I've road tested this colour in footwear before and it works! I've had the same pair of Russell & Bromley green lace up boots for around eight years now and I've yet to grow tired of them. This year I've gone for another classic style opted for Russell & Bromley's oh so timeless Chester loafer in a beautiful rich forest green! Styling wise there's a heck of a lot of room for manoeuvre with the Chester loafers and my go-to item of choice to team them with is a equally classic camel coat. That said you could simply style them a la me in this post with a super relaxed jean and big chunky, comfy jumper. This look is ridiculously easy and care free but rightly so, after all your green loafers should do most of the talking for you. What's more the suede and faux snakeskin detailing will give your outfit that extra touch of luxe it needs for an effortless chic feel. Don't be afraid to clash your green gems with an abundance of rich jewel colours for extra Autumnal points!
Buckles, snakeskin and a whole lot of green! Sounds like the ideal recipe for the most perfect Autumn outfit this year, after all it really is the season for ultimate style creativity. Layers, colours and textures should all be worn in abundance and this rule counts from your head right down to your Russell & Bromley toes!

Happy crispy brown leaf kicking in your shiny new shoes.

Sophia x

Photography by Rosie Butcher


  1. that burgundy bag is a dream! need it in my life!

    sarah x //

  2. Love your dress! May I ask where it is from?