You Should Wear Racing Stripes

Not too long ago I did one of my usual biannual "wardrobe clear outs" which effectively means things have got out of hand and I can no longer move for piles of clothes dotted here, there and everywhere. There are very few things in life I'd like to think I do in excess but clothes are definitely the exception to this rule. Just to give you a vague insight into the magnitude of my clothes addiction and a really good idea of my all time favourite wardrobe staple- I own(ed) over thirty striped tops (I should add small print here- this does not include knitwear). Yes, thirty. That's not a typo and you read it correctly. You're eye's aren't playing trolls on you here... THIRTY. That's obscene isn't it? I know, I really know. But what it is about the striped top which makes it such a failsafe?

Urban Outfitters X My Manchester- Where There's Music And There's People

Last week the lovely gang at Urban Outfitters reached out to me and asked if I would give them/you guys a guided tour around Manchester. This excites me for two reasons. The first reason being Urban Outfitters is one of my favourite retailers ever! The second being Manchester is my home, my all time favourite place in the world and ridiculously close to my heart. Basically this is one of those posts you get really giddy to write! They suggested I show you round some of my top places to visit; from "non-touristy" hot spots to the best new restaurants and bars. They also asked the burning question of all questions, "what does Manchester mean to me?"...