Book Club- Books To (Emotionally) Invest In

Welcome to the first Book Club of 2021, it's a pretty hefty instalment. Before we begin I feel I should really give you guys a pre-warning, the books I've selected to start the year off are a little... intense in parts. This slightly emotional reading list was completely accidental and in hindsight could potentially explain why over the past few weeks my moods have been all over the show. Yes, in this Book Club post I am recommending a pretty incredible selection of books which will have you on the edge of your seat, revisiting a broken heart, squirming at the thought and/or emotionally investing. Personally I believe a clear sign of a good book is when I long for the story to keep rolling way passed the last page and when weeks later I find certain characters or places have stayed on my mind. In their own special way all of these books did exactly this. I hope you enjoy my selection and don't say I didn't warn you!