Joanie Collection Take Three

So here it is! Back by popular demand, another collaboration with the amazing Joanie Clothing team! I can not quite believe this is our third range together and seeing the reaction our previous two collections received is still a real "pinch me" moment for me. I really do feel beyond honoured to be collaborating once again with Joanie Clothing on a third and arguably our most vibrant collection to date. This time round working together through several lockdowns has meant a lot of adjusting. We were communicating purely through late night Whatsapp conversations, emails upon emails and in my case, rambling voice notes which Lucy, Joanie's brand manager deserves a medal for putting up with. That said, with all the obstacles and changes we faced, working on this third collection was once again been an absolute dream and although I was rolling up myself sleeves in preparation for a mammoth challenge, everything flowed so easily. Lucy's concepts forever seem to knit so seamlessly with my own, our taste levels, style references and mood boards always matching together so perfectly. If anything this third collection is a real testament to how much I truly enjoy working with the Joanie team.