Joanie Clothing X Sophia Rosemary Launch- Tees Please Me

So they are finally here- my wonderful collection of six t-shirts with the amazing Joanie Clothing! Hooray! You have no idea how long I've been desperate to announce this collaboration or at least share one or two of the designs with you. It turns out I'm actually better at keeping a secret than I thought and after six months in the making, I am for the very first time going to discuss all six t-shirts I personally designed along side Joanie Clothing, why I wanted to create the collection and most importantly what each t-shirt means to me. I can't tell you have excited and nervous I am about sharing my jersey babies with you guys and I currently have my fingers and toes crossed you love them- each and every one- as much as I do.

So let's start with my initial thought process, it's simple and to the point- Basically slogan T-shirts have always played such a crucial part in my everyday style. They’re easy- wearing and a quickfire way to add a little bit of cool into any outfit. But for me, there is so much more to a graphic tee, they’re truly like wearing your heart on your sleeve! A slogan tee says a whole lot about who you are and who you want the world to see you as. Whether it’s a bold, brash or empowering statement, a quote from a film you love, a word that makes you smile, a much-loved lyric or simply wearing your favourite band like a badge of honour, a T-shirt speaks a thousand words and I guarantee most girls own at least one. With a pretty hefty, rather impressive collection of T-shirts already in my wardrobe, I’ve just always felt there were a still few designs missing! I’d find myself listening to a particular song or mid-conversation with a friend and thinking that would make a cool T-shirt”. I decided to take matters into my own hands and make the designs actually happen! I wanted to design a selection of tees which like-minded girls could wear - a uniform for a gang everyone can join.

The decision to work with Joanie Clothing for me was an absolute no brainer! If you’ve followed my social media accounts or read my blog over the years, then you’ll know how much I adore this brand and I’m super proud to say that I once worked within their amazing team! As a brand, a lot of their core beliefs align directly with my own; they are approachable, inclusive, fun-loving and of course, lovers of all things nostalgic. On a more personal level, I just knew I would be in safe hands with their amazing design team whose tastes- in every aspect of the word- are so crazily similar to my own! From film, style icons and most importantly and closest to my heart, music. For a novice designer with absolutely zero experience you might say it's pretty nerve racking to share the ideas you have, but with Joanie Clothing I felt confident in sharing my concepts and thoughts, knowing they would 100% "get IT".  My initial thought process behind this range was to create a perfect collection of vintage inspired tees you just wish you could discover in a thrift store. I wanted each T-shirt to have its own individual story, like each one had started life somewhere completely different - whether that was a gig, a festival, as a holiday souvenir or at a club or society. It was important that music featured heavily in a number of the T-shirt designs as it’s played such an influential role in my own style and more importantly, I wanted them to be designs which make you smile! So with out further ado let's introduce you to my wonderful gang of tees and the messages behind them...


I certainly think there’s a little ‘60s and ‘70s influence in all of these designs and the Lynne tee is no exception in it's worn black tone and faded golden graphics. I wanted to create a tee which could almost be the club uniform for a secret coven of amazing ladies (where in an ideal world Stevie Nicks is the ring leader, of course), something with a little mystery and a lot of sass. Strange Magic by ELO is one of my favourite songs but it’s also a pairing of two words that I think work so perfectly together! Your closest friends have the ability to bring out your inner strangeness and when a gang of girls are together, there’s definitely something a little magic. The Lynne tee is definitely about embracing your quirks and in the wise instructions of Bowie, facing the strange.


One of my first musical and favourite childhood memories is of me, sat in our living room at home with my mum as she listened to her old records. Northern Soul/Tamla Motown played such a big part in my childhood and I always admired my mum’s passion for it. I knew every song word for word by the age of five (no joke- apparently Four Tops were a personal favourite of mini me) and as I got a little older, my mum tried (and failed) to teach me the dance moves. When I'm feeling a little down this is always the genre of music I turn to, it reminds me of home and it instantly makes me smile. It was crucial I paid homage to Northern Soul in the Lorna tee for a number of reasons; firstly for my mum of course! It's had a hugely influential role in my life and there's no mistaking it’s where my love of sixties and seventies started! But most importantly because I don't think there is a single person out there who was or still is a part of the Northern Soul dance scene who doesn't speak of it with absolute love, affection and adoration. It’s the complete definition of nostalgia.


For this "wear it every day" kinda tee I took one of my favourite films (Quentin Tarantino's True Romance) and three very simple words which sound so completely innocent and yet, kind of romantic together. I'm not one for being too soppy but in my humble opinion, you’re so cool” is surely up there as one of the highest compliments you can pay someone?! It's adoration like no other, scrawled in black flock print I wanted the Joseph tee to be like a love letter you secretly pass someone in class or scribble in the back of your teenage diary... or you know, wear on a T-shirt for all the world to see, as you do!


Stewart is big and bold - it speaks for itself in warm cream jersey and with it's retro inspired orange graphic. This tee is a shameless ode to the heartthrobs of the seventies and all the ridiculously cool bands who have inspired my style. The Stewart t-shirt was most definitely designed to be worn with a high waisted indigo flare and a pair of platform sandals - or on tour bus in 1972 singing Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" at the top of your lungs!


I’m a firm believer in the powers that be! When I was in my early twenties, I would often go to have my tarot cards read if I was feeling particularly lost. It always felt like the light at the end of the tunnel and was a constant reminder to keep on pushing on! I chose The Moon’ card for a few reasons and I’d be lying if one of them wasn't because it features dogs. Puppy love aside, The Moon is ruled by my star sign, Pisces and so I can vouch for it's meaning as the card for dreamers. This card represents the unknown; all is not as it may seem and magic is very much at play... In it's faded charcoal design and mystic graphic I'd like to think the Pep t-shirt would also sit very nicely in a magic gang of girls as a cool alternative to the Lynne tee.


Oh goodness me I’m a sucker for a tourist tee! I have this little thing that where ever I go in the world, I have to track down the best, most kitsch T-shirts I can. Venice, New York, Paris, you name it I've got the tee and now I can add the fictious but rather appealing "Hopeless Hearts Hotel" to my collection. One of my fondest memories is on a recent holiday to Lisbon with my best friend when we decided to go on a late-night search (fuelled by many margaritas) for the perfect tee to add to my collection- After a lot of wondering through the streets of Lisbon-whilst singing Taylor Swift songs unacceptably loud- I found one and it was well worth the hang over! The Thorlby T-shirt is inspired by my love of Hotel California (on repeat) and created in full appreciation for amazing memories with best friends - because I don't think theres anywhere in the world I couldn't go with mine. 

I'm so very proud of all of these tee designs and I assure you they have as much of my personality as I could squeeze into them. I genuinely hope you see one which stands out to you and I can't wait to see them incorporated into whatever summer plans you may have this year... And every summer after that. From a festival to a weekend away I hope my t-shirts will be the perfect companion and act as the girl gang uniform they were designed in mind for.

Sophia x

Shop my Joanie Clothing X Sophia Rosemary collection HERE now!

Photography by Rosie Butcher and a big thank you to Abode Manchester for letting me loose in your amazing Johnny Cash suite.

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  1. I want all of them! You did such an incredible job, Sophia, all the designs are so cool and so you! Hope to see more t-shirt designs from you in the future!!! ☺️