Brand Of Gold- Kitri Studio

Finding a brand you well and truly love is a little bit like dating. Some work for you and some you're just not feeling. And than there are those which just waltz along and hey, you just click! There's nothing more exciting than discovering a new brand that just "gets you". Who's aesthetic and brand values are so perfectly alined with your own that you could swear they were created just for you personally. I'd say on average I discover a new brand that gets me all giddy around once a year, tops! Last year I think we all fell head over heels for Ganni, I crushed over Sezane hard and no prizes for guessing but I pretty much wanted to marry Alexachung (the label, not the lady... As wonderful as she is). This post falls in bitter sweet timing as my life long brand crush Orla Kiely announced their departure from fashion retail. The news hit me hard and in a state of sheer panic and/or grief I immediately felt compelled to buy a variety of Orla adorned plant pots, duvet covers and mugs. Proof of the power behind branding and the paroles of investing heavily into them. 

Swiss Air- There's Nothing Like The Element Of Surprise

So last week you may have seen I had a bit of whirlwind trip to a rather wonderful destination. The thoughtful folk at Swiss Air decided to surprise me and my dear friend Alice with a sneaky little (two and a bit day) trip to Zurich! And I say they surprised us, I mean quite literally we turned up at the airport not knowing where we were going. Possibly the most exciting and a little daunting airport experience I've ever had, that said when I find out we were whizzing over to Zurich via Swiss Air I was over the moon. I've heard so many lovely things about Zurich and I'm a huge sucker for a city break so needless to say Swiss Air surpassed themselves in the surprise stacks. Zurich didn't disappoint and although our trip was short, it was in equal measures sweet.

In My City With FitFlop- Walk In My Shoes

One of the things I love most about Manchester is how much character and charm is compact into one amazing city centre. Some of my favourite spots to hang out are dotted around Manchester but the great thing about this city is that all are walking distance from each other! It's just so easy to have a day out wondering aimlessly, visiting my favourite spots along the way. These are always my favourite days and require the upmost easy, effortless and comfy outfits! My first port of call when styling myself for a day of wondering has got to be FitFlop's Slides, they're super simple in design so can be teamed with virtually any outfit and they're so ridiculously comfy you'll feel like you've left the house in your favourite, well loved slippers! I always opt for a timeless, tan coloured sandal like FitFlop's Slides as they tend to act as a neutral tone which is easily matched with pretty much any colour. 

Lazy Girl's Guide- The Boiler Is Mine

I'm not going to lie, I'm really very excited to start dressing for Autumn. It's not that I'm booting summer out of the door but just that it was good whilst it lasted, we've definitely had our fill and now it's comfortably time to move on to the next season. For the first time in years I feel like I've made good use out of my summer wardrobe and although I love it dearly, I'm quite happy to start pulling out my favourite knitwear pieces and trusty boots. This Autumn we're seeing one particular piece come through in a big old way and it's the boiler suit. And when I say "big", I mean it. The boiler suit is literally one hefty item of clothing and spare space in your wardrobe is most definitely needed to accommodate for it! Oh and good luck trying to wash and dry it in a hurry but let's move swiftly on...