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With November narrowly drawing to a close over the next week, we are officially starting to tread on party season territory... In fact it feels like we're celebrating Christmas that little bit earlier every year  so I have no doubt some of you are already well and truly in the midst of boogying on down with your mulled wine at the ready. Now at the risk of sounding like a massive Scrooge, the arrival of Christmas party season fills me with dread (a little melodramatic I know). Don't get me wrong I love a glass of Prosecco, a mince pie and a flimsy Christmas cracker paper crown as much as the next jolly guy but outfit building for a party is not my forte. For some girls dressing up in their most glamorous, most super duper sparkly get up comes naturally but I've just never been that girl. Firstly I don't tend to go "out, out" all that often, instead I opt for a slight bar hop on my weekends and then straight home to Netflix and my bed (I sound like a grouch right now don't I?). Secondly as I don't often go big with my nights out I begrudge having to spend money on a head to toe dressy outfit when I really won't wear it more than twice. Pounds per wear- party dressing isn't cost efficient. Sorry to sound like an absolute party pooper. I'm by no means stingy when it comes to buying clothes but I would just rather spend £100 on a jumper I will use relentlessly through Winter than on a pair of heels which I can't walk in and after a few hours wear feel like Medieval torture.
I spoke last week about writing up a second part to my "Lazy Girl's Guide" and here it is! If like me you really struggle with "dressy" outfits than read on. Below are five very basic rules to party dressing for those of you who just like me don't particularly enjoy it. None of my rules are groundbreaking but they've definitely helped me feel a touch more comfortable on a work's do and best of all they won't break the bank! It's a Christmas miracle!

1. She Wore Black Velvet

I told you my rules were simple so let's start with a no brainer. We all know velvet is synonymous with Christmas style but black velvet in particular isn't just festive, it's an amazing base for any party outfit. I own a staple A-line mini, shift dress and jumpsuit (see my Nobody's Child Jumpsuit pictured within this post) all of which are super simple in design and all of which are black velvet. I pull them out year after year and use them as the starting point to any outfit. The beauty of investing in pieces like these is they don't date and they can quite easily be reinvented every year. It's completely dependent on how you style them but- no pressure guys- as they're so versatile there is quite literally a million and one ways to do so! Everyone loves velvet and glitz don't they? So this year I styled my Nobody's Child Velvet Jumpsuit layered over a very simple silver glitter, long sleeved top from Topshop . It's the black velvet jumpsuit which acts as the foundation's to my outfit but it's the Topshop glitter top which is the stand out, interest piece. And THAT'S the part which you can keep changing year after year!  

2. Sophia's Technicolour Glitter Outfit

As you probably gathered from my second outfit I'm really into glittery Lurex in a big way this year and although my outfit in this post is a little glam, this fabric needn't be! Glitter Lurex is all over the high street at the minute and one thing I really love about it is how transitional it can be! If you don't want to go all out "party glam", than glitter knitwear is for you! I hold my hands up and admit it's probably one of the most sparkly items of clothing you could possibly wear and the colours are super vibrant so it's not exactly subtle BUT it's still knitwear all the same. Team a Lurex jumper like my Urban Outfitters retro stripe knit with practically anything! From the previously mentioned velvet skirt to you smartest denim items, all will go nicely with a glitter jumper for a slightly more daytime approach to Dressy. Which leads me on to Rule 3 and a huge contradiction on my part...

3. No Jean Genie!

Do NOT give in and opt for jeans. I know you want to with all your might and I know they've never let you down but jeans at the quitters party outfit choice and we are not quitters! It's all in your head I promise you. A jumpsuit, pinafore or midi pleated skirt like my metallic Topshop skirt photographed in this post all do just the exact same job as your jeans, if not better. They're something different! Live a little! You'll feel so much more special!

4. These Boots Are Made For Dancing

I'm scared of heels. I don't mean a flared heel or a chunky heel or even a wedge on the right occasion. I mean a "heel" heel. A "I'm going out on the razz" kind of stiletto heel. I can't walk in them, they hurt me and I'm too clumsy for anything I wear to test my balance like that. It's not fair, why would I put myself up to such a challenge? So what do I wear on my feet for a night out? I go for a big ol' statement boot. You may have noticed on my Instagram that I'm a big fan of a metallic boots and I team them with pretty much any outfit- day or night. That's the joys of them! You would be surprised what a gold boot actually goes with. If metallic is a step too far for you (see what I did there), than how about a patterned boot? There are plenty of star print boots available this year from a number of brands. They look so beautiful, so sparkly and very seasonal! One of my personal favourite buys this season has been the Star and Moon Mango boots featured in this post, they are absolute show stoppers and as well as stars, they have "party" written all over them!

5. Starry, Starry Hair

I want to talk about accessories because for me this is the real sticking point to party dressing. I really begrudge buying a tiny bag which barely fits my phone in it and that I'll most likely never wear more than once! That said unfortunately a big pet peeve of mine is also spotting beautiful occasion dresses worn with a disappointing, day appropriate bag... You've spent all the money on an amazing outfit only to sabotage it with a bag which has no place at this party! Much like my boots, I've invested in three very simple, super timeless bags. One in gold, one in silver and one in black. I know it sounds boring but it will save you an absolute lifetime of stress when you realise you forgot to factor a new bag into your brand, spanking new snazzy outfit. 

Lastly I think every outfit should be teamed with the right jewellery and I always think a nice touch is the celestial theme I'm seeing a lot of at the moment. There's something very seasonal about this trend, without being too in your face, Noddy Holder- "It's CHRISTMAAAAS"! I absolutely adore these Oliver Bonas Star Hairclips I recently purchased! They're so subtle and the perfect, dainty finishing touch to any party outfit.
So as you can probably tell by now, I've used a mish mash of these rules in my two outfits featured within this post. Both worlds apart from each other but both perfectly acceptable for a party! I promise you they took no time at all to piece together and excluding the footwear which I've had for a while (I've said it before and I'll say it again- statement boots ARE an investment) both outfits came to under £60 each! Plus pieces such as the velvet jumpsuit and sparkly jumper can be completely reworked for daytime style. How amazing is that? You've got the perfect party look, you're comfy and you've got a few spare pennies to put towards your Christmas pressies... Or maybe just a celebratory bottle of Prosecco, I won't judge.

Happy Holidays,
Sophia x

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