Top Of The Town- Sunday Morning Collection

Back in November of last year (when times were arguably more simple) I proudly launched my very own Instagram vintage store, Top Of The TownVintage style is something I've loved since I was a teen and if you follow me on Instagram there's no doubt you've heard me harp on about it a million and one times. The sixties and seventies most notably have played such a huge role on my personal style and in turn my wardrobe, with hunting down great vintage pieces being one of my biggest hobbies (or vices on my purse strings). Vintage shopping as a whole is amazing, it's environmentally friendly and it means you're finding unique, one of a kind pieces. The only problem I've found is that when I'm sharing my outfits on Instagram and I'm being asked about one off vintage pieces, without giving people the clothes of my own back it's impossible for my looks to be 100% shoppable. Granted I've posted plenty of vintage inspired shopping guides in the past but still, I appreciate that not everyone has the time to trawl around vintage fairs, charity stores and flea markets, so this is where the Top Of The Town seed was first planted.

Super Size My Collar

I'm currently sat on my bed, typing this post out and feeling a little unsettled as we all brace ourselves for three weeks in lock down. Despite the current circumstances or possibly in spite of them, posting on my blog will resume as normal because I think a little normality is exactly what we all need for peace of mind (see my last post for further details on this), I hope you guys agree? So let's keep on keeping on and forget about lock down for a few minutes at least. One wonderful thing I have noticed over the past few days is how much Spring has sprung especially when you take into account how bv non-existant this season has been over the last couple of years (who can forget our long lost pal, the beast from the east?). The mornings have a golden glow, the temperature is mild and sunshine is sticking around well into the early evenings, let's try and be thankful for as much of spring as we possibly can this year. With this in mind I'm eager to celebrate the most joyful of seasons to dress for and have a little chat with you guys about some delightful spring style. 

Don't Bring Me Down

This post is inspired by the week's current (ever unfolding) events, pesky Mercury in retrograde, trolls and possibly a little dose of hormones for good measure. To summarise, the last few months have been an absolute abysmal corker in the bad luck department. I can say with 100% confidence that I've experienced my fair share of of mishaps, set backs and the odd bust up. Individually, each occurrence has- in the grand scheme of things- been minuscule and collectively, you're classic case of "first world problems". I'm acutely aware that at large my life is perfectly fine and when these problems are put into context, they really just don't matter that much at all but credit where credits due, my luck just really has played a massive number on me. Then when you add the increasingly frightening and completely inescapable news into the mix, I'd say I'm all but ready to graciously take a step back from 2020 and admit that maybe, just maybe 2019 wasn't that bad after all...

Joanie Clothing Tees- Take Two

So here we are! Another year and my second Joanie Clothing t-shirt collaboration consisting of eight brand spanking new designs for you to feast your eyes on! The success of collection numero uno absolutely blew me away and to say the amazing reaction we got came as a surprise would be a complete understatement. Truth be told in hindsight I don’t know what I was expecting from the first collection- it very much felt like stepping into unknown territory and was a huge learning curve; from working with the team and communicating my ideas clearly, to actually finding out which ones you all liked and which ones didn't work. It was a big step out of my comfort zone and one I'm so glad I took. So when Joanie Clothing approached me to create a second collection, I’d have been crazy to say no and this time I was armed with lessons learnt, fresh ideas and a boost in confidence.