The Polo Shirt- Testing Time Since 1972

If you happened to have read my last post then you'll know I'm planning on creating a few pieces of content over the next few weeks around some of my basic wardrobe staples and how they play such a pivotal role in my every day personal style. I'll be talking about those absolute saves the day, hero pieces which truly stand the test of time. From Breton tops to a simple straight leg jean and of course my trusty high tops who I paid homage to in my last post! Well it just so happens that talking basics has fallen perfectly in time with the birthday of one of the biggest staples going, The Polo Shirt! Yes that's right Ralph Lauren are celebrating fifty successful years of The Polo Shirt which I guess is nothing short of a testament to the impressive longevity of this item. It only seemed fair that I celebrate along with them...

There are two big factors I personally adore about a classic white polo, the first simply being the heritage of it. The Polo Shirt hasn't just stood the test of time, it's been welcomed and adapted into the trends of every decade! Ever since it's arrival in 1972 the Ralph Lauren polo has been a wardrobe necessity from it's sporting background, to 1970 Americana and right now today as a timeless classic. I think The Polo Shirt has some sort of cultural reference to everyone depending on your taste and your interest. It's not only interchangeable with your wardrobe but within pivotal cutural moments. As you guys know well I adore vintage or more aptly the history and heritage behind clothes so it's no wonder I'm such a fan of The Polo Shirt! It's got the best story through time to tell!
The big second factor I love about a Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt is just how much of a blank canvas this piece really is (as I'm starting to realise all of the greatest wardrobe staples are). The classic skinny fit shape in white is ridiculously versatile to any array of key looks and is completely open to interpretation where styling is concerned. For me personally I like to wear my Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt striped back and super simple! I don't think there's a more timeless combination than a Polo Shirt with a straight leg stone washed jean. It's such a effortless look for spring/summer which I continuously bring out year after year. In this post's outfit I've teamed The Skinny Fit Polo Shirt with a high waisted classic shaped jean and a big old turn up for that super vintage feel you guys know I love. There's nothing complicated about this look and that's the real joy of it!
Some of the best wardrobe pieces may not be groundbreaking in design but are revolutionary for your wardrobe and The Polo Shirt by Ralph Lauren is most certainly one of them. It's an investment piece to keep for a lifetime and then some...

Happy Birthday to the time testing Polo Shirt,
Sophia x

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  1. I love this outfit made of basic pieces!! I used to wear polos when I was at school, but I haven't worn them since then. I love your Converse paired with these jeans!!

  2. The Ralph Lauren polo shirt is definitely a classic piece. Love how you styled it with jeans and Converse trainers. :)