Band On My Tee

You may have notice from my outfit posts on Instagram but a big percentage of my daily wardrobe is taken up with T-shirts and not just any tee will do. No, you see I have a little addiction to band T-shirts. I've been collect them since my early teens and have a acquired a pretty hefty selection. I guess it's hard to stop buying them because what they represent is a huge part of my life and inevitably they it's a part of life that will always make me smile. Music has had such a huge influence on my wardrobe and the person I am today... I don't think I'm at all unique in this sense and I think consciously or subconsciously we are all in some way effected by the bands we listen to and the albums/songs which resonate with us personally. 

I've Got A Dress Full Of Pretty Green

At the risk of being just another person in your day commenting on the weather, it's hard to ignore the pink elephant in the room. It's scorching and yes ok, at some points it's slightly unbearable but we mustn't complain. This is the first summer in a very long time which as actually FELT like summer. Normally we are met by grey skies over July/August and at best your sandals see the light of day for around two weeks max! This year it's actually been possible to make the most of your summer wardrobe and really see summer trend for their full potential! With this in mind I can't help but notice there have been a heck of a lot of amazing trends around at the moment which I personally adore... Maybe it's me getting carried away with all this sunshine weather or maybe it's just that we've had an amazing year for hot, seasonal looks. Either way I've no complaints and there's one trend in particular I really hope sticks around for the foreseeable future...

Well I Wish You Were Here

You may or may not have seen due to the copious amounts of holiday spam I've been posting on Instagram but last week I went in a little trip to Lisbon! It was my first time in this beautiful city and categorically, not a single aspect disappointed. It's been high on my agenda to visit Lisbon for a while now and earlier this year when I made a list of "forty things to do before I'm forty", exploring this city featured pride of place. Aside from being able to tick another "to do" off my list, this trip was one I'm so thankful I planned for a few little reasons. The biggie being a little mushy, just to warn you in advance...

What A Feeling, When It's Festival Season.

As it's officially the season for festivals/I'm a seasoned festival-goer it seemed only right to pen down one of my annual posts dedicated to all things mud, music and magic! Now ordinarily in the past I've given you guys a glimpse into what exactly I got up to with a diary style post but as I spend a lot of my summer these days making fleeting visits to festivals to see my boyfriend play, they kind of start to merge into one? And I don't want to run the risk of repeating myself... "Woke up on a tour bus, found coffee, watched Blossoms, sat in a field with cider" so forth, so forth. This year I thought it would be nice to take a trip down memory lane as I reminisce about ghost of festivals past, present and future. Here is my quick, round up list of festival memories! From does and don'ts, to "I'd do it again" or " I definitely won't"...

This Old Wardrobe Of Mine

Ok so here's a little fact about me that you may or may not be aware of- Around a year or so ago I moved back in with my mum to save for a house which in turn meant all my worldly possessions moved back with me. And when I say worldly possessions, I basically mean clothes. I'm ashamed to admit this but my collection of clothes has mounted up to a slightly sicken state of affairs and my dinky little room at my mum's house could now easily be mistaken for a well used, fit to burst yet impressively sized storage closet. Wondered why you never really see my room on my social media? Yeh well now you know! It's not for the faint hearted which leads me nicely into yesterday's incident... I call it "rail-gate".

Be My Baby

Lately I've been talking a lot about my summer style because well... Tis the season! But there is one minor detail I've failed to mention so far and that is my biggest summer style inspiration. I've decided the time has come to share my dirty, little style secret with you and FYI it's an old school one. When I say "Old School" I really mean it, this person has been inspiring my wardrobe for years upon years, decades even! Way before George Harrison, Jane Birkin and even good old Chung, there was one leading lady having a pretty strong influence on my wardrobe... Francis Baby Houseman. Yep thanks to my sister Giannina convincing me to repeatedly watch Dirty Dancing as a child (she had a thing for Patrick of course), I've now entered adulthood still obsessed over Baby's clothes. Aside from still being able to recite the entire film word for word, who knew it would have such a lasting impression on my wardrobe too?

Very Everyday Life Goals- Basket Case

One of my favourite things about summertime dressing is just how transitional your outfit can be from day right through into evening! As a self proclaimed lover of all things casual who is really REALLY not big on "out out" dressing, I love how effortless summer styles can actually are. From the right romper, to a floral sundress or a wrap maxi skirt (See my floaty skirt from Very as a prime example) and a wedged espadrille, there's a way to style them all perfectly for a day time stroll in the park or an evening garden party. Aside from making your life and wardrobe woes that little bit easier, it also saves you a pretty penny by getting the most out of invest summer pieces... Money which could be easily spent on a Sangria or two in the sun! Some of my all time favourite pieces are summer inspired for this exact reason and Very's new collection is easily ticking off some of my must have must items, in particular my essential sunshine accessories!

Back To Basics- The Dungaree Days Aren't Over

Hello everyone and goodbye May! It's actually kind of frightening how fast this year is going but then again I'm more than thrilled to be well and truly in summer! That said this week on my bloggy blog I'm actually stirring away from summer trends for a mere moment and instead heading straight back over to my favourite basics. So far I've talked about the good old white tee, the trusty high top and the ridiculously comfy smock. This week on my hit list is possibly my BIGGEST of all style staples and the one you guys will have seen me in more times then you've had hot dinners (minor exaggeration), it's of course- drum roll please- the awesome, super garment that is The Dungaree also known as Overalls (just so we're covering all bases here). The dungaree is feared by some but loved by many, more specifically me. I'm unclear as to when my love for dungarees will end and I'm starting to think the answer is never ever, which in itself is a better reason than any to discuss why I adore them some.

Ugg Life- California Soles

We're finally starting to see the signs of a long anticipated summer and I think it's safe to say we're all welcoming it back with open ams. We're seeing blue skies, sunshine and the evenings are bright with that sweet, musky smell in the air that makes me all giddy inside. Summer is the season when we all get our acts in gear and make plans after a long winter of (especially this year) what seems like some serious hibernating. For me summer means festivals and as we move further into the season the prospect of music, fields and cold cider in a paper cup is getting me super excited! But aside from looking forward to tons of fun and lots of plans, I'm excited to embrace my festival style full throttle because my summer wardrobe is most definitely my favourite by a long shot! With a little help from UGG's recently launched SS18 sandal collection I'm going to show you how to nail that all important festival style and as UGG are a Californian brand who know styling for sun better than anyone, I think it's safe to say I'm in good hands. To let's get ready for summer and show it a bit of love, California style...

Gimme Some Truth

I recently went on a press trip to Bordeaux and I've decided to be as honest as possible about my time there. To summarise, it wasn't great. I should probably mention first and foremost that this wasn't due to poor planning or (within reason) bad company. Not even slightly! The brand did an amazing job organising the trip and I was there with some rather awesome ladies. It still blows my mind when I really sit down and comprehend that my blog/Instagram account have got me so far and I feel utterly grateful that my job allows me to visit such beautiful places. Truth be told at times there's even still that little part of me which suffers excruciating imposter syndrome and I can't help but ask myself what on earth am I doing here? Silly I know, but it happens.

Very Everyday Life Goals- Tomorrow May Rain So I'll Dress For The Sun

How is it that this time last week we were all basking in glorious sunshine? But then you fast forward to days like today where it's freezing cold and pouring down with rain? British weather is more than unpredictable and a particular season doesn't necessarily mean you can count on a certain type of weather... Snow in March anyone? As we approach into May we're all eager to put our best summer foot(wear) forward but you wouldn't be wrong to edge into your seasonal wardrobe with caution. As much as I love my winter coats and jumpers, I'm oh so sick of the sight of them and in the past couple of weeks I've been burning to embrace my summer wardrobe full steam ahead.

Sweet Little Ties

I feel like the last two weeks I've been rather silent on my little blog... Sorry for that guys, I'm still alive and well! I've just been here, there and everything. From Bordeaux and Biarritz to this week's little adventure travelling round with my boyfriend as he tours the UK with his band! And when I've not been moving around, I've been enjoying the insanely glorious (I love using that word to describe the weather) sunshine we saw this weekend! Let's hope this is a good sign for the summer ahead... That said, although I'm embracing my summer wardrobe with fun force, there's one piece which any seasoned Brit can't forget during our sunny-ish months and that's the jacket! Without sounding too negative, we don't exactly get the best weather for summering and it's always a slight dilemma decided which jacket to opt that won't send your entire outfit back into winter territory!

Back To Basics- Get Your Smocks Off Honey

 So far on my list of style staples I just can't live without I've talked about the the humble high top and the simple white tee. Next is a short but sweet post on an equally short but sweet dress, the smock! Now I absolutely adore this style of dress but I completely appreciate this is sometimes a shape a lot of lovely ladies shy away from and I understand their reservations. The smock as a bad reputation for being unflattering but I honestly believe this doesn't have to the case. In fact I think this is a style which covers a lot of bases, for a variety of body types and for a number of occasions. This is a style I pull out all year round and I have no plans of growing tired of it anytime soon. So let's talk about my love for the smock.

The Polo Shirt- Testing Time Since 1972

If you happened to have read my last post then you'll know I'm planning on creating a few pieces of content over the next few weeks around some of my basic wardrobe staples and how they play such a pivotal role in my every day personal style. I'll be talking about those absolute saves the day, hero pieces which truly stand the test of time. From Breton tops to a simple straight leg jean and of course my trusty high tops who I paid homage to in my last post! Well it just so happens that talking basics has fallen perfectly in time with the birthday of one of the biggest staples going, The Polo Shirt! Yes that's right Ralph Lauren are celebrating fifty successful years of The Polo Shirt which I guess is nothing short of a testament to the impressive longevity of this item. It only seemed fair that I celebrate along with them...

Back To Basics- Le Sneak, C'est Chic!

So one of the ideas I've got going on for my blog at the moment is to ever so slightly strip it back down to basics. And by basics I mean literally. I want to talk you through the staple wardrobe items that make me tick. The ones I can't live without, the ones which are worn week after week, year after year. The ones which if I really think about it I'm 100% sure I have real true love for (not romantically I should add to avoid any ickiness, more sentimentally). I'd like to think my style definitely has it's own identity in some ways which is more often than not completely made up of those wonderful basics we all have our wardrobes and so why not show these items a little bit of love vocally! I'l be talking you through why I love them and how I personally style them. As always feedback is much appreciated so I'd love for you guys to share with me how exactly you style yours too!

Very Everyday Life Goals- Taking It Easy

I feel like weeks can often pass by without me actually noticing that I've literally not had a moment of pure "me" time. I'm definitely guilty of being that kind of person who has to constantly be doing something, anything! I'm a sucker for a "to do list" and I'm constantly filling my day with proactive tasks. Truth be told I'm a little bit of a work addict and as much as I've no problem with that admission when I really stop and take a pause from maximum-turbo, productivity (would that be my power if I was a superhero? I hope not) one of my favourite little pleasures is just every once in a while doing absolutely nothing in particular. It's like all the busyness of my day to day actually inevitably makes those pause days that little bit extra special.

But We're The Greatest. They'll Hang Us In The Louvre.

Bonjour! So this week Joe my boyfriend started the first leg of his tour with Noel Gallagher (how exciting) in Paris and of course I thought it would make me such an unsupportive girlfriend if I didn't tag along. Now I realise that on first impressions this might sound a touch glamorous but please let me clarify an eighteen hour journey from Manchester to Paris on a bus full of boys is categorically NOT exactly the height of luxury but it's an experience all the same (big thank you to Blossom's boys for welcoming me on board). I only stayed in Paris for a fleeting two days so I feel like I didn't exactly have all the time in the world to explore. That said I thought it would be nice to give you guys a quick recap on what I got up to.

Country Girl Take My Hand

I always wonder at what point do you decide whether you're a heels kinda girl or not? Is there a pivotal moment in your teens when you subconsciously decide you'll be that kind of girl who makes maximum effort, who always looks pristine and wears six inch heels like they're slippers? Some where along the line I decided I was categorically NOT that kind of girl. I don't know when it happened but it did and boy did I commit to this decision. I just can't hack them and lord knows I've genuinely tried. A block heel is fine to a certain degree but anything strappy and above 4 inches, I'm a goner. I've got plenty of beautiful "out, out" heels in my wardrobe which are unworn and untouched, gathering dust in the deepest, darkest parts of my closet. But unworn doesn't mean unloved, specifically the 10 years old Dolce & Gabbana six inch patent lace ups which as a brogue style I figured would trick my mind into thinking we could go the distance in them. We never did and the only light of day they've seen is when every once and awhile I dig them out from their box just to admire them and whisper "I love you, I promise". 

Three Is A Magic Number

A very good and somewhat wise (at times) friend of mine used to say that there are three main pillars in your life; your job, your house and your love life. The byproduct of all three pillars going right is happiness. But sadly her theory proposed that at any given time, more often than not at least one of these pillars will seemingly be going wrong. What a buzzkill. This sounds like a pretty negative hypothesis right? Well actually the more I think about it, the more I'd have to agree. I recently went for drinks with another of my friends (hi Emma), I was grumbling to her about one thing or another and we both wondered, "when does life get easy?" (slightly melodramatic when asking this question out of context with our conversation... I assure you the subject wasn't THAT intense). It got me thinking about this "three pillar" theory and call me pessimistic but maybe, just maybe life is never smooth sailing. And if hypothetically it was to all go our way, would we necessarily still be happy or would we still want more? 

Gola X Liberty- I'm Springing In The Rain

After this month's crazy snowstorm (which FYI set me back a good week on work due to cancelled trains and missing parcels) and copious amounts of rain I think it's safe to say this Spring so far isn't exactly going as we'd all planned. Ordinarily by mid March we should be seeing greenery, an ever so slight rise in temperature and enough sunshine to give you the Vitamin D fix your skin needs! But this year March is most certainly out of the ordinary and I don't know about you but I'm starting to feel like dressing for Spring/Summer will never happen this year!

International Women's Day- Show Me How Good You Are

I have this vivid memory from when I was a little girl- I'd say about seven or eight years old-spending time with my dad, sat in my mum's kitchen and I was nattering on about the Spice Girls (it was 1996, who wasn't talking about the Spice Girls?). I was talking about how Baby was my favourite and how I love them because... "GIRL POWER"!! I recall my dad asking me what exactly did Girl Power mean and I can remember my answer as clear as day, even now over twenty years later. I simple replied, "It means girls are strong and they can do what they want". I mean obviously this was the opinion of a young girl and we are all well aware that the slogan "Girl Power" symbolises a great deal more but I've got to hand it to eight year old me, I don't think I did half a bad job summarising. Say what you want about the Spice Girls but as a young girl who grew up in that very poignant cultural era that was "Spice Mania", it's truly incredible in hindsight how positive, proactive and ever lasting their message was.

Cheshire Oaks Outlet- Shop Until You Get Enough

Hands up if you like shopping? Hands up if you like bagging yourself a real bargain? I think it's safe to say that we're all guilty of loving to shop our favourite brands for less and for me there's no better or easier place to do so than at McArthurGlen's designer outlet centre, Cheshire Oaks! McArthurGlen  have exactly seven centres dotted all over the UK but with Cheshire Oaks only a 45 minute trip down the road from Manchester, this is definitely my personal go to. And with so many exciting new developments going on at Cheshire Oaks right now I thought it would be nice to take you along on a cheeky, little shopping trip and show you just how easy it is to shop all the latest, key trends at the lowest price!

Out With The Old, In With The New? Vintage Made Easy!

I feel like I talk about vintage a lot with you guys and in particular over the last few weeks where I've discuss how to buy vintage denim and seventies stripes but it's such a huge influence on my style, it's kind of hard to escape it. That said no matter how much I discuss the subject it's still something you guys seem to want to hear more about and I'm often asked how I create my look or where you can find certain items. I've often mentioned that I find it super hard to explain my outfit when vintage is involved because I psychically can't find the items for you to replicate- one of the highs and lows of vintage shopping is that it's a one off piece. But one of the fundamental factors to consider when dressing "vintage" is that I personally don't believe it HAS to be true vintage and with the seventies/eighties/nineties hitting our high streets hard this season I thought I'd show you some of the key trends to look out for when creating a retro inspired outfit this year.

You Should Wear Racing Stripes

Not too long ago I did one of my usual biannual "wardrobe clear outs" which effectively means things have got out of hand and I can no longer move for piles of clothes dotted here, there and everywhere. There are very few things in life I'd like to think I do in excess but clothes are definitely the exception to this rule. Just to give you a vague insight into the magnitude of my clothes addiction and a really good idea of my all time favourite wardrobe staple- I own(ed) over thirty striped tops (I should add small print here- this does not include knitwear). Yes, thirty. That's not a typo and you read it correctly. You're eye's aren't playing trolls on you here... THIRTY. That's obscene isn't it? I know, I really know. But what it is about the striped top which makes it such a failsafe?

You Look Like You've Been For Breakfast At The Heartbreak Hotel

A year or so ago I wrote a blog post on lessons learnt through my twenties and the response I had was incredible! It was so great to hear that my "life lessons" resonated with you all so much, particularly the part regarding heartache. I kind of found this a little interesting that where matters of the heart are concerned we are all able to empathise with one another on a deeper level and since last year it's been on my "to do list" to revisit this subject. At the beginning of this year I asked you guys what topics you'd like me to write about and sure enough relationships cropped up several times! So I guess the decision has officially been made for me and although I'm a touch nervous about revisiting old wounds, I'm also happy to reflect back old relationships and the heartache I, along with so many others have experienced.

Urban Outfitters X My Manchester- Where There's Music And There's People

Last week the lovely gang at Urban Outfitters reached out to me and asked if I would give them/you guys a guided tour around Manchester. This excites me for two reasons. The first reason being Urban Outfitters is one of my favourite retailers ever! The second being Manchester is my home, my all time favourite place in the world and ridiculously close to my heart. Basically this is one of those posts you get really giddy to write! They suggested I show you round some of my top places to visit; from "non-touristy" hot spots to the best new restaurants and bars. They also asked the burning question of all questions, "what does Manchester mean to me?"...

Tell That Mick (Jagger) He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today

So just a little insight into my office life here, but some of the lovely girls at my work have been compiling/completing a list of things to do. But this is no ordinary list, oh no. It's a 40 things before 40 list and as I approach dangerously close to the big three zero (it's not this year FYI, so no Happy 30th Birthday wishes in March please... It won't be appreciated) I felt inspired to start my own little "bucket" list which I finally penned down just the other day... Not that I expect to kick the bucket at 40, after all I hear life begins then anyway. And it's not that I don't think I've achieved a lot with my 28 years but there's still so much I want to do. I've not travelled nearly enough, I still don't have my life completely in check and I definitely don't feel like a fully fledged adult (as some of the ridiculous points on my list prove). 

Blue Jean Baby, Vintage Lady.

I absolutely love sharing my favourite vintage finds with you guys/anyone who cares because finding the perfect vintage piece is like finding buried treasure and it's something to be proud of. That said I completely appreciate the frustration you feel when you're admiring someone's outfit only to discover it's made up of a one off piece they found at the bottom of a bargain bin at some obscure vintage flea market. It's not fair but it's also one of the joys of shopping retro. One of the biggest questions I get asked on my Instagram is where did I get my jeans and I almost feel the need to apologies when I have to answer they're vintage because I realise that's a pretty useless response.

He Made It All Worthwhile As A Rock N Roll Star

Exactly two years ago today on a pretty gloomy, grey, cold Monday I sat on a bus to my then job and pulled my phone out from my pocket to scroll mindlessly on Instagram. That's when I saw it. A post which took my breath away... "RIP Bowie", short but not so sweet. The first thought that sprung to mind was that this was a mistake or a really distasteful hoax. My gut reaction was simply to deny any plausibility. David Bowie could NOT die just like that. I quickly referred to Google and sure enough, to my absolute dismay the news was true. David Bowie had in fact passed away and my heart along with many others broke.

So This Is The New Year...

And more importantly this is my New Year post! It was supposed to be the first of the year but I guess second place will do just fine. For me 2017 seems to have passed us by at lightning speed and now I've some how ended up in 2018 wondering how on earth I got here? Sorry guys, I'm sure you completely sick to the back teeth by now of all the "new year, new me" spiel and bold claims that 2018 is going to be the best year EVER and so it's probably best I break this to you from the get go... This is another one of THOSE posts but hear me out, it's with good reason and a lot of conviction. At the risk of boring you all with yet another existential post reflecting on the trails and tribulations of 2017, I really did just want to QUICKLY talk about how amazing the past year has been for me and how I have each and every one of you babes reading this right now to thank. I promise I'll keep this one snappy but I can't promise it won't be a little mushy ok?

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Piazza Del Duomo Catcher- My Milan Guide (Sort Of)

Happy New Year!! Although I need to be honest with you guys and admit this wasn't technically suppose to be my first post of 2018. In fact this post is about two weeks late which I can only apologies for! It seems that as I got closer and closer to the end of the year, I realised I'd taken too much on and didn't have enough hours in the day to do it all! Lesson learnt, I'm only one girl, let's move on and FINALLY discuss all things Milan...