Rust On The Ground- Autumn Style

I often find Autumn and Winter are both perfect seasons to bring out your most beloved, classic outfits which I guess is reason number one thousand why I adore this time of year so much! Truth be told some of my biggest fashion icons are just so because they lend their style so perfectly to Autumnal dressing! For me Autumn/Winter style is about taking my all time favourite beatnik, ever so slightly preppy looks and easily building an outfit around this style by using simple, key Autumn pieces. When I say "Beatnik" or "Preppy" think sixties college student with the best example being Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate... I don't half love stealing looks from some of the most famous boys of the sixties and I'm sure you guys have twigged on to that by now. Basically what I'm trying to say in a round about way is; Autumn is the ultimate time of year to build some of your best outfits together with absolute minimal effort and using items you've probably already had in your wardrobe for yonks!

That said if I was to advise you to invest in one item this year (which would go on to be worn pretty much every year after this) it would have to be a rust coloured blazer... Ideally in cord with my And Other Stories jacket truly being the best example of this. There is so much to be said for this very simple and very effective item of clothing. Not only is rust a feast for the eyes and categorically one of my all time numero uno colours to wear but it's just so bloody easy to style over Autumn/Winter, you'll wonder how you have dressed without it. Some of my top inspirations when styling a rust blazer are Ali McGraw in Love Story, a young and very fresh faced Bob Dylan, Julie Christie in Don't Look Now and last but by no means least a slight fast forward in eras to the Eighties with Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. What do all of these style icons have in common? Earthy tones, understated, homely and ridiculously wearable outfits. Now in my eyes these are all obvious style inspirations but if you're not familiar with any of the aforementioned than consider your homework set and get watching/Googling please!

For me the rust jacket is about creating a perfect balance of androgyny in your outfit by teaming it with a classic (beatnik staple) turtleneck knit or a chunky cream Aran jumper underneath. Once you've got the boyish charm right you can then add some femininity in with an uber, uber short mini skirt for a real nod to the sixties! The mini will ultimately give your outfit that super retro feel which Ali McGraw in Love Story would definitely approve of. Personally I think when searching for the right autumn mini skirt it's always best to stick with indigo denim. Firstly I think black can often look a little "work wear" whereas indigo denim is a happy compromise between dark colouring and still maintaining that day time feel you're aiming for (with light denim obviously looking a tad too summer appropriate). Secondly indigo denim is always the ideal option for creating that real home grown, Americana feel and is definitely top of the priority list when styling any preppy outfit together. 

Lastly I would always finish any preppy outfit off with either a slightly awkward, slightly geeky lace up boot or an obvious but classic choice, a loafer! This kind of Autumn style is about simplicity and keeping things understated. It's a little bit timeless, ageless and completely effortless! Perfect for an Autumn stroll to your next class or just a more millennial appropriate brunch with friends. 

Sophia x

My Outfit: Cream Knit- Cashmere In Love, Rust Cord Blazer- And Other Stories, Denim Mini Skirt- Alexachung, Lace Up Chunky Heeled boot- Chie Mihara at Toast, Bottle Green East/West Mini Leather Bag- Strathberry

Photographer by Rosie Butcher

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