Back To Basics- The Dungaree Days Aren't Over

Hello everyone and goodbye May! It's actually kind of frightening how fast this year is going but then again I'm more than thrilled to be well and truly in summer! That said this week on my bloggy blog I'm actually stirring away from summer trends for a mere moment and instead heading straight back over to my favourite basics. So far I've talked about the good old white tee, the trusty high top and the ridiculously comfy smock. This week on my hit list is possibly my BIGGEST of all style staples and the one you guys will have seen me in more times then you've had hot dinners (minor exaggeration), it's of course- drum roll please- the awesome, super garment that is The Dungaree also known as Overalls (just so we're covering all bases here). The dungaree is feared by some but loved by many, more specifically me. I'm unclear as to when my love for dungarees will end and I'm starting to think the answer is never ever, which in itself is a better reason than any to discuss why I adore them some.

Ugg Life- California Soles

We're finally starting to see the signs of a long anticipated summer and I think it's safe to say we're all welcoming it back with open ams. We're seeing blue skies, sunshine and the evenings are bright with that sweet, musky smell in the air that makes me all giddy inside. Summer is the season when we all get our acts in gear and make plans after a long winter of (especially this year) what seems like some serious hibernating. For me summer means festivals and as we move further into the season the prospect of music, fields and cold cider in a paper cup is getting me super excited! But aside from looking forward to tons of fun and lots of plans, I'm excited to embrace my festival style full throttle because my summer wardrobe is most definitely my favourite by a long shot! With a little help from UGG's recently launched SS18 sandal collection I'm going to show you how to nail that all important festival style and as UGG are a Californian brand who know styling for sun better than anyone, I think it's safe to say I'm in good hands. To let's get ready for summer and show it a bit of love, California style...

Gimme Some Truth

I recently went on a press trip to Bordeaux and I've decided to be as honest as possible about my time there. To summarise, it wasn't great. I should probably mention first and foremost that this wasn't due to poor planning or (within reason) bad company. Not even slightly! The brand did an amazing job organising the trip and I was there with some rather awesome ladies. It still blows my mind when I really sit down and comprehend that my blog/Instagram account have got me so far and I feel utterly grateful that my job allows me to visit such beautiful places. Truth be told at times there's even still that little part of me which suffers excruciating imposter syndrome and I can't help but ask myself what on earth am I doing here? Silly I know, but it happens.

Very Everyday Life Goals- Tomorrow May Rain So I'll Dress For The Sun

How is it that this time last week we were all basking in glorious sunshine? But then you fast forward to days like today where it's freezing cold and pouring down with rain? British weather is more than unpredictable and a particular season doesn't necessarily mean you can count on a certain type of weather... Snow in March anyone? As we approach into May we're all eager to put our best summer foot(wear) forward but you wouldn't be wrong to edge into your seasonal wardrobe with caution. As much as I love my winter coats and jumpers, I'm oh so sick of the sight of them and in the past couple of weeks I've been burning to embrace my summer wardrobe full steam ahead.

Sweet Little Ties

I feel like the last two weeks I've been rather silent on my little blog... Sorry for that guys, I'm still alive and well! I've just been here, there and everything. From Bordeaux and Biarritz to this week's little adventure travelling round with my boyfriend as he tours the UK with his band! And when I've not been moving around, I've been enjoying the insanely glorious (I love using that word to describe the weather) sunshine we saw this weekend! Let's hope this is a good sign for the summer ahead... That said, although I'm embracing my summer wardrobe with fun force, there's one piece which any seasoned Brit can't forget during our sunny-ish months and that's the jacket! Without sounding too negative, we don't exactly get the best weather for summering and it's always a slight dilemma decided which jacket to opt that won't send your entire outfit back into winter territory!