The Importance Of Being Idle

This week saw the arrival of two rather lovely personal landmarks. First of all it's my blogs second birthday! In my head I kept telling myself it was it's first until I checked dates and then was completely horrified that somewhere along the way I seem to have lost a year of my life? I feel like everything's been a little bit of a whirlwind and as I've been going through the motions (whilst at some points feeling like I'm losing my sanity) time seems to have escaped me! I'm not going to get all soppy but I honestly do thank my lucky stars I decided to start this blog and I am so grateful for the opportunities it's presented me. Which leads me very neatly into my second little landmark- the one year anniversary of my second job, Joanie Clothing!!

French Connection- Welcome Back For Good!

Around a year or so ago I was wondering through Manchester city centre aimlessly shopping (doing what I do best) and I was horrified to discover French Connection had so abruptly disappeared from St Ann's Square! WHAT? How? Why? When? Where?! French Connection was one of my top go to stores for beautiful blouses, day dresses and basics which stand the test of time. Now here I was, stood scratching my head with so many unanswered questions. Well fear not fellow shoppers of Manchester, I now have some answers and phew... It's good news!

Malmaison x My Edinburgh Trip

I've been itching to write this post down for the past two weeks but through one reason or another I haven't quite had the chance but here we finally are! Hooray! So a few weeks back (let's try not to dwell on that) me and Joe went on a little adventure up to Edinburgh, where we stayed on the lovely Leith shore at the beautiful Malmaison Hotel. I can't tell you how excited I was for this trip, I've ashamedly never been to Scotland before... How terrible is that?! And Edinburgh has always been so high on my list of "place I must must MUST visit" and to finally be able to tick it off made me super giddy!