Back To Basics- Get Your Smocks Off Honey

 So far on my list of style staples I just can't live without I've talked about the the humble high top and the simple white tee. Next is a short but sweet post on an equally short but sweet dress, the smock! Now I absolutely adore this style of dress but I completely appreciate this is sometimes a shape a lot of lovely ladies shy away from and I understand their reservations. The smock as a bad reputation for being unflattering but I honestly believe this doesn't have to the case. In fact I think this is a style which covers a lot of bases, for a variety of body types and for a number of occasions. This is a style I pull out all year round and I have no plans of growing tired of it anytime soon. So let's talk about my love for the smock.

The Polo Shirt- Testing Time Since 1972

If you happened to have read my last post then you'll know I'm planning on creating a few pieces of content over the next few weeks around some of my basic wardrobe staples and how they play such a pivotal role in my every day personal style. I'll be talking about those absolute saves the day, hero pieces which truly stand the test of time. From Breton tops to a simple straight leg jean and of course my trusty high tops who I paid homage to in my last post! Well it just so happens that talking basics has fallen perfectly in time with the birthday of one of the biggest staples going, The Polo Shirt! Yes that's right Ralph Lauren are celebrating fifty successful years of The Polo Shirt which I guess is nothing short of a testament to the impressive longevity of this item. It only seemed fair that I celebrate along with them...

Back To Basics- Le Sneak, C'est Chic!

So one of the ideas I've got going on for my blog at the moment is to ever so slightly strip it back down to basics. And by basics I mean literally. I want to talk you through the staple wardrobe items that make me tick. The ones I can't live without, the ones which are worn week after week, year after year. The ones which if I really think about it I'm 100% sure I have real true love for (not romantically I should add to avoid any ickiness, more sentimentally). I'd like to think my style definitely has it's own identity in some ways which is more often than not completely made up of those wonderful basics we all have our wardrobes and so why not show these items a little bit of love vocally! I'l be talking you through why I love them and how I personally style them. As always feedback is much appreciated so I'd love for you guys to share with me how exactly you style yours too!

Very Everyday Life Goals- Taking It Easy

I feel like weeks can often pass by without me actually noticing that I've literally not had a moment of pure "me" time. I'm definitely guilty of being that kind of person who has to constantly be doing something, anything! I'm a sucker for a "to do list" and I'm constantly filling my day with proactive tasks. Truth be told I'm a little bit of a work addict and as much as I've no problem with that admission when I really stop and take a pause from maximum-turbo, productivity (would that be my power if I was a superhero? I hope not) one of my favourite little pleasures is just every once in a while doing absolutely nothing in particular. It's like all the busyness of my day to day actually inevitably makes those pause days that little bit extra special.

But We're The Greatest. They'll Hang Us In The Louvre.

Bonjour! So this week Joe my boyfriend started the first leg of his tour with Noel Gallagher (how exciting) in Paris and of course I thought it would make me such an unsupportive girlfriend if I didn't tag along. Now I realise that on first impressions this might sound a touch glamorous but please let me clarify an eighteen hour journey from Manchester to Paris on a bus full of boys is categorically NOT exactly the height of luxury but it's an experience all the same (big thank you to Blossom's boys for welcoming me on board). I only stayed in Paris for a fleeting two days so I feel like I didn't exactly have all the time in the world to explore. That said I thought it would be nice to give you guys a quick recap on what I got up to.