About me

Hello and how are you? Seeing as you're visiting my blog, it seems only polite to introduce myself and explain a few things about me! My name is Sophia Rosemary, as I'm sure you very well guessed and I am from a pretty amazing and charismatic city in the UK called Manchester... Yes I'm a Northerner. I have a big love of fashion and a teeny weeny habit for shopping. I originally started off with a personal Instagram account but I found the main focus of it always came back round to my outfits and my style, because well, that's what I'm the most passionate about (excluding my cat). In time I started to notice that other people were catching on to my Instagram and without blowing my own trumpet they seemed to like it, surprisingly! I received so much positive and lovely feedback about my style, I wanted to talk about it and share it more but felt Instagram only had certain limitations and it was hard for me to elaborate to the extent I wanted! And that's where this blog comes in, I reached a point where I decided a blog would be the best way for me to talk about my style. Explain properly what makes me tick, what I love, maybe what I hate even and most importantly what inspires me! I know there are so many girls out there with the same taste and lifestyle as me, I really enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas with these lovely ladies and maybe, just maybe helping to inspire them too. So there you have it, a brief summary of me and my blog. Thank you so so sooooo much for visiting! Please let me know what you think, I seriously appreciate all feedback.
Fingers crossed you enjoy it,
Sophia x