Tailor Made Winter Style

I think at one point or another we're all guilty of falling into that age old trap of wearing jeans like a bad habit. You know the one where every morning you wake up, stare aimlessly into your wardrobe with such good intentions, indecisively trying to construct an outfit together in your head, before eventually opting for the easy way out and grabbing those trusty stone washed jeans which were calling your name the entire time. I've been playing out this scene a lot over the last month as I find myself slowly but surely getting sucked into the denim trap once more. The problem is quite simple- right now I just want to be comfy and my jeans have never let me down. I know they don't make for the most groundbreaking outfit but they do the job. It's just too cold and too miserable to even consider opting for one of the many perfectly lovely dresses I own and yet some how this poor excuse doesn't seem to help curb the ever increasing guilt I feel every morning when I choose the easy option yet again and shun the rest of my wardrobe. For the record, if you're wearing a well put together outfit which involves a skirt, dress or jumpsuit in the cold, wet Manchester whether, well then I salute you and I think you should know you have your shit together.

Black Velvet If You Please

Party wear posts have become a little early December tradition of mine and I've got to admit they're something I always look forward to writing. Kinda ironic considering a lot of my party wear posts are often around themes such as "Easy Party Outfits" or "A Lazy Girl's Guide To..." because let's face it dressing "out out" just isn't my bag and so every year I try to style festive looks together using pieces I feel comfortable in and that don't warrant sky high heels to work. This year I've decided not to over complicate things and I'm going back to basics. I've finally come to the conclusion that when it comes to dressing to impress over the festive season there really is just one fail safe item you need in your wardrobe. This post is simply an ode to the black velvet dress because after years and years of never letting me down, I just think this item deserves it.