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Welcome back me! I'm acutely aware my blog writing has really slipped over the past year but with the launch of a podcast, T-shirt range and recently announced vintage Instagram Shop (Top Of The Town Vintage- go follow me on Instagram now please), I think it would be fair to say I've had a busy old year and my hands have been ever so slightly full. This is no excuse, I know I know and for the past few months I've had that niggling feeling urging me to return to my blog soon. So here I am and it's good to be back! I figured it's been a considerable while since I wrote about fashion or given any sort of shopping update and October seemed like a better time than any to get the ball rolling with a style related post. Autumn is my favourite season ever, ever, EVER for two reason; firstly I adore my Autumn wardrobe above any other season because I feel like it's the one time of year when my style really comes into itself. Basically I feel like Autumn suits me. The second reason is because let's be honest, Autumn is that one time of the year when you can truly get away with reverting back to acting like a child. You can pumpkin carve, play dress up and get all giddy for fireworks, bonfires and eat treacle toffee in abundance. Autumn is awesome (Awetumn if you're a fan of puns). 

In general my style could best be summed up as an impressive collection of cord jackets, skirts and pinafores teamed with various paisley blouses and a cable knit jumper thrown in for good measure. It's quintessential Autumn dressing and every year as soon as we say goodbye to August I'm raring to go with my most cosy looking, golden hued outfits at the ready- "see ya later Summer, just let yourself out". This year was no exception, with a cable knit jumper making an appearance within the first week of September and zero time wasted hunting down the perfect pair of comfy, brown boots. Cable knits aside, there's one other Autumnal appropriate trend I absolutely adore and this year we seem to be seeing it in full force with an amazing selection of jackets, coats and skirts. Check is where it's at this Autumn. A check pattern isn't just ideal for this time of year if you're angling for a classic Americana/Joey Tribbianni inspired/woodcutter vibe but it's also an absolute dream to style and a great tool for easy outfit planning. Not to be mistaken with it's super seasonal counterpart Tartan, check is often a much more simple pattern, using colours which tend to compliment either other rather than contrast... I don't know if this definition is actually accurate but that's the way I would differentiate the two, apologies to any tartan enthusiasts out there currently seething at my foolish analogy. 
Check are an absolute dream for styling because not only is it a match made in heaven with denims but they sit nicely with most materials and textures from chunky woollens to sumptuous chiffons. They can be worn up and of course they can be worn down (see plaid shirts and the nineties for more details) and let's not forget that because one pattern involves a variety of different colours, checks are also a breeze to coordinate with matching tones- you don't have to match the colours exactly, just a similar tone will always do! One of my favourite ways to style checks this season is with a touch of nineties (a decade which pretty much celebrate checks in all it's glory). More specifically and in true Halloween spirit I've been drawing inspiration from The Craft- an absolute nineties cinema classic and chocked full of iconic outfits. This season I'm giving my checks a spooky kinda, boyish feel with chunky lace up boots and over sized clashing outerwear which says "I really don't care what you think". We're aiming for grunge inspired with "way too big" knitwear over check trousers or (as seen on me in this post) a worn black slogan tee, ridiculously impractical 10 denier tights and a check A-line mini. Two things are guaranteed with this kind of nineties styling- it's easy to nail with minimal effort and absolutely NOBODY is messing with you. "We are the weirdos mister".
See my pick of the best checks within this post now!

Sophia xx

Outfit details: Strange Magic Lynne Slogan Tee- Sophia Rosemary X Joanie Clothing (now sold out but see similar), Check Mini A Line Skirt- Alexachung, Leather Lace Up Belmont Ankle Boots- Russell & Bromley, Rust Cord Oversized Jacket- Baum Und Pferdgarten

Photography by Rosie Butcher 

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