Blue Jean Baby, Vintage Lady.

I absolutely love sharing my favourite vintage finds with you guys/anyone who cares because finding the perfect vintage piece is like finding buried treasure and it's something to be proud of. That said I completely appreciate the frustration you feel when you're admiring someone's outfit only to discover it's made up of a one off piece they found at the bottom of a bargain bin at some obscure vintage flea market. It's not fair but it's also one of the joys of shopping retro. One of the biggest questions I get asked on my Instagram is where did I get my jeans and I almost feel the need to apologies when I have to answer they're vintage because I realise that's a pretty useless response.

He Made It All Worthwhile As A Rock N Roll Star

Exactly two years ago today on a pretty gloomy, grey, cold Monday I sat on a bus to my then job and pulled my phone out from my pocket to scroll mindlessly on Instagram. That's when I saw it. A post which took my breath away... "RIP Bowie", short but not so sweet. The first thought that sprung to mind was that this was a mistake or a really distasteful hoax. My gut reaction was simply to deny any plausibility. David Bowie could NOT die just like that. I quickly referred to Google and sure enough, to my absolute dismay the news was true. David Bowie had in fact passed away and my heart along with many others broke.

So This Is The New Year...

And more importantly this is my New Year post! It was supposed to be the first of the year but I guess second place will do just fine. For me 2017 seems to have passed us by at lightning speed and now I've some how ended up in 2018 wondering how on earth I got here? Sorry guys, I'm sure you completely sick to the back teeth by now of all the "new year, new me" spiel and bold claims that 2018 is going to be the best year EVER and so it's probably best I break this to you from the get go... This is another one of THOSE posts but hear me out, it's with good reason and a lot of conviction. At the risk of boring you all with yet another existential post reflecting on the trails and tribulations of 2017, I really did just want to QUICKLY talk about how amazing the past year has been for me and how I have each and every one of you babes reading this right now to thank. I promise I'll keep this one snappy but I can't promise it won't be a little mushy ok?

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Piazza Del Duomo Catcher- My Milan Guide (Sort Of)

Happy New Year!! Although I need to be honest with you guys and admit this wasn't technically suppose to be my first post of 2018. In fact this post is about two weeks late which I can only apologies for! It seems that as I got closer and closer to the end of the year, I realised I'd taken too much on and didn't have enough hours in the day to do it all! Lesson learnt, I'm only one girl, let's move on and FINALLY discuss all things Milan...

The Darling Buds Of December

We are officially in the week's run down to Christmas! If you're not feeling festive by now it's time to grab yourself a mulled wine, a mince pie and get Last Christmas playing full blast to put you in the mood. Due to a minor miscalculation with my dates I may have thought the weekend just gone was the last before the big day and so spent all of last week frantically buying in presents and speed wrapping like a maniac... I've no idea how I got it so wrong but the silver lining is I'm now 100% prepared and ready for some much anticipated Christmas celebrations and family time. Phew!

Champagne For My Real Friends

'Tis the season for good will to all men right? Erm well at the risk of sounding like Scrooge, not necessarily. Recent experiences has sadly taught me there are plenty of people out there gladly dishing out some cold servings of bad will too this December. Although the timing on this post may seem a little off and a touch "anti-Christmas", it felt relevant and I have no doubt so many of you will relate so let's continue... 

Love Velvet Two Times- Boohoo Winter Collection

I always feel like whenever anyone talks about velvet within Christmas style there's a complete parallel to that one scene in The Devil Wears Prada when Miranda Priestley sarcastically remarks "Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking!". Ok so velvet and winter are two combinations we've seen year after year for as long as you can remember. Heck! Velvet and Christmas go so far back together, I'd put good money on at least one of the Three Kings having styled it out whilst following that famous star! BUT cliches are cliches for a reason and velvet is a prime example of this. As mentioned in my previous post on Christmas party dressing; Velvet is a fail safe, it will be forever timeless and it's a wonderful way of adding a little glamour to any outfit. Cliche or not, I'm most certainly on team velvet and so with the help of Boohoo's current winter collection I thought I'd talk you through how to wear the- sometimes very tricky- velvet trouser in two very different ways.