Top Of The Town- The La Di Da Collection

It's been far too long since I last checked in on here and over the next few weeks I'm going to make it my mission to get typing again. When I glance over my last few posts, it would seem that I'm only encouraged to write when discussing either books or Top Of The Town, which funnily enough feels like a pretty accurate summary of my entire year. Truth be told, it's been pretty challenging to think of topics to write about when in actual fact reading and collecting vintage have definitely been the two things which have truly kept me occupied! And so I hope you'll excuse me if I break my blog silence with another post on the next Top Of The Town collection. It's my favourite time for style and I think this is potentially my favourite TOTT collection yet, so as you can imagine I'm pretty keen to discuss it!

Top Of The Town- Paint Palette Collection

As we come speeding into August, so does Top Of The Town's brand new "Paint Palette" vintage collection and I promise you, there's no chance you can miss it! This summer has been a real rollercoaster of a ride; plans have been cancelled, face masks are the unexpected must have accessory and my fellow Northerners will understand the heartbreak of continuous days of grey, rainy weather. With all of these slight obstacles in our way, it's tough to feel positive about summer and so I wanted to ensure this collection was in high spirits and high colour. As a last hurrah to summer style this is a collection which makes a bold statement with bright colour combinations, vibrant patterns and retro summer shapes to make any vintage lover go weak at the knees and I hope, put a little smile on everyone's face.

Book Club- Books By Black Authors To Read Right Now

Hello and welcome to another instalment of my blog's Book Club which is fast becoming my favourite thing to type about. I was actually aiming to have a new Book Club post up every two or three months and with my last post published not too long ago, this one probably seems a little early. I really wanted to this post up as soon as possible because it looks at a particular topic we should all hopefully be exploring right now. In this instalment I wanted to discuss a number of incredible books specifically by black authors. The last few months have been so educative for many of us on the issue of BLM and as I continue to inform myself on this topic, I wanted to make sure I'm sharing my resources as much as possible with you guys. As an avid reader one of the most effective ways I've found to truly educate myself is to make the extra effort to diversify my reading list. No one is saying you have to exclusively read factual books in order to truly learn, personally I struggle reading outside of fiction and I've found it ends up being a real counterproductive use of my time because what I read doesn't always seem to stick. There are plenty of incredible fiction books available out there for you to grasp of a real understanding of race and allyship. Here is a look at some contemporary books which I personally feel you should read right now...

Top Of The Town- Lisbon Girls Collection

 I've lots and lots of exciting Top Of The Town Vintage news to share this week on my blog! First of all I'd like to FINALLY introduce you guys to a brand new Top Of The Town website! I'm so excited to finally get this online store up and running, as I hope it provides as much improved, easier and all round more efficient shopping experience, which truth be told Top Of The Town had started to really need. Yes, that's right we're moving up in the world, if only slightly. It's one small step for man, one big leap for Top Of The Town Vintage...

Book Club- Books To See You Through Summer

Hello and welcome to my second book club blog post! The last time we discussed some of my favourite books of the year so far was back in March when life was a little different to say the least. Now three months on, all of which were in lockdown, I think it's safe to say I've had the time to get stuck into a whole new pile of incredible books and oh my, have I been a busy reader! As we enter into summer I've been trying to keep up the positivity towards lockdown, especially as it can increasingly feel more and more tedious from day to day. I've been taking full advantage of the last few week's incredible weather, reserving regular  slots of "me time" and enjoying the sunshine accompanied by a whole host of books. Summer generally for me, is a prime time for discovering new books whether that's a good holiday read or a moments peace in the garden. Granted this year there will be no holidaying but that doesn't mean we can't get stuck into an amazing summer time read and I've got a few suggestions to keep you ticking over for the next few months...

Understanding How We Are Part Of The Problem

If you had asked me a month or so ago if I was non-racist I would have indignantly answered without a moments thought, "absolutely, no doubt about it". But had the question been rephrased ever so slightly and I'd been asked what had I DONE to be ANTI racist, well I'm ashamed to say the answer after some hesitation would have been not enough. The recent tragic death of George Floyd AND Breonna Taylor amongst many others at the hands of police brutality in the US has sparked global outrage, anger and cries for justice with protests taking place in major cities across the world. Subsequently these events has had a lot of us privileged white folk asking for the first time "what can I do to be ACTIVELY anti-racist?". 

Top Of The Town- English Garden Collection

When lockdown first began back in March it felt like an abrupt pause on all work projects. It was hard to fathom being able to carry on as normal or being able to have the same creative freedom as before. Back in mid March I had just announced my Top Of The Town spring collection "Sunday Morning" and to be perfectly honestly I had thought this was going to be the last collection in a long while, because logistically I couldn't see how creating vintage collections, shooting pieces and sending them out efficiently was going to work within the terms of lockdown. It was disheartening and throughout the few weeks I promoted Sunday Morning, I was worried that "trying to carry on as normal" would be viewed negatively. I was very wrong! Sunday Morning was such a success and so well received. It was a true testament that what we all need at times like this is content which makes us happy and acts as escapism. As the weeks have rolled by I'd like to think we've learned to adapt to our new way of life. We've been able to sit back and think constructively about how we can carry on with some kind of new normal and from this I was able to look at creating a Top Of The Town summer collection through new, proactive eyes. And so it's with a little bit of compromising, a touch of optimism and a teeny tiny bit of modification that I've finally been able to create the ever so lovely "English Garden" collection.