Travel Diary- Rome, Where My Thoughts Escape Me.

The first time I ever went to Rome was exactly 10 years ago. It was my first holiday on my own, without my family and with a boy. Like a real grown up. I don't know what exactly had attracted us to Rome aside from the glaringly obvious Roman ruins and tourists attractions. At the age of eighteen I was stuck in the typical teenage girl phase of being obsessed with Paris, New York and Tokyo (and rightly so)... Rome was somewhere I vaguely wanted to visit but it certainly wouldn't have been high on my agenda. I remember arriving via the train at the Spagna station and walking out to be meet by the Spanish Steps. I was awe struck. From that moment onwards I fell more and more in love with Rome. You see Rome really is the Eternal City. Nothing is contrived or pretentious. Everything about it is homegrown, authentic and full of character, TRUE character. It's not just the beautiful buildings; from the windy path ways lined with small businesses and restaurants to the epic Roman creations of the Colesseum and the Trevi Fountain which make this city so incredibly beautiful. No way, it's the people, the vibrancy, the life and the soul of it. I kind of figured when I was younger that I was just blindsided by the feeling of going somewhere new and exciting all by myself but as I've grown older and I've visited so many different cities, I've come to realise I certainly have favourites but for me, none ever touch my heart the way in which Rome has, does, always will...

Festival Diary- I Get By With A Little Help From Mi-Pac

In the past few weeks I feel like I've been on more trains to and from London then I've spent time in my own bed. Virgin trains have well and truly become my second home and this Friday was no exception. However this time my trip down to London wasn't all work and no play! Oh no no, this Friday was all about having a little boogie, as the lovely folk from Mi-Pac invited me along to Love Box festival to have a drink, a dance and show off my best festival style. What a lovely way to see the weekend in, hey?

Do You Believe In Rock N Roll?

In the past two weeks I feel like I've taken a major trip down musical memory lane. I've been lucky enough to catch some of my favourite bands perform some of my all time favourite songs I would listen to on repeat as a teen. From hearing The Flaming Lips performing The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song, to weeping as The Killers go into the introduction of Glamorous Indie Rock N Roll, to just the other day when I chanted along to Arcade Fire, who ended their Castlefield Bowl set with Wake Up and Neon Bible. Hearing these songs has given me a serious twinge of guilt that maybe I'd forgotten just how much I loved them and just how important they were to me in times gone by. It's got me reflecting back on some of the most important, character building years of my life and so I thought I'd discuss how vital the music you listen to growing up can not only shape who you become, but led the way into how our personal style develops and evolves.