She Wore Green Velvet

Deck your halls, dust down your Now That's What I Call Christmas CD and have your mulled wine warmed up.. It's officially the most wonderful time of the year once again! It feels like with each year that passes Christmas starts earlier and earlier which can often leave us feeling ever so slightly ill prepared. Before you know it your Christmas party is days away and you've barely had a moment to think about what to wear, never mind actually buy something! Now last year I did a little post lending a helping hand to all the mutually doubtful party-wear dressers and it seemed to go down a storm... It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there who struggles at this time of year. Don't get me wrong I adore all things seasonal when it comes to my wardrobe. Give me a velvet dress, a tartan jacket and glittery anything and I'm set, but dressing "out out" is a whole different ball game all together. Evening wear is a territory I don't feel all too comfortable in and as last years post proved, it seems there's quite a few of us walking into this area of dressing with absolute uncertainty. 

Check Yourself

The weather has seriously dropped this week which means it's time to dig out your favourite snuggly parka and chunkiest knitwear! I absolutely love this time of year for layering and nothing makes an outfit look more perfect than a great jumper/coat combination. That said one of my biggest bugbears is that awkward moment you put together a perfectly lovely evening outfit only to realise you've forgot to consider your outerwear. nothing pains me more than ruining a great look with a mismatched coat because style is great, but freezing to death definitely takes priority. Purchasing a fancy evening appropriate coat can often seem like such a waste of money especially when the reality is you'll simply only wear it three or four times tops throughout the season (unless you're a real party animal, I ain't judging)! But shopping for evening outerwear doesn't have to mean it's exclusively for just party wear and it's my personal believe that it's more a case of finding the perfect all purpose jacket for every occasion. I promise you they are out there!

Russell & Bromley- Buckle Up

Oh Autumn, lovely Autumn. I'm trying my hardest not to gush too hard over my all time favourite season but we're having such a lovely one this year it's proving difficult. Aside from the gloriously fresh weather, leafy walks and golden hour evenings, one of my biggest joys of Autumn is the styling that comes with it. Autumn for me, is the perfect time to get your creative juices flowing and this is at it's most applicable where your shoes are concerned. Autumn is that one moment in the year when your shoes get to truly do the talking (as well as the walking)! Dust down your favourite ankle boots and shine up those failsafe loafers, the time has arrived to get a little creative with your footwear. This year is no exception to my footwear rule, in fact I've been so sick of living in sandals all summer (I know I know first world problems) that I was more than a little over enthusiastic to jump back into my all time favourite boots. This year I've taken things one step further (excuse the pun) and I'm not only getting a little brave with my footwear choices but with the help of Russell & Bromley I'm truly making them stand out from the crowd and my outfit. So let's talk about the Russell & Bromley footwear choices you should be making this year to have the sassiest feet this Autumn!

Rust On The Ground- Autumn Style

I often find Autumn and Winter are both perfect seasons to bring out your most beloved, classic outfits which I guess is reason number one thousand why I adore this time of year so much! Truth be told some of my biggest fashion icons are just so because they lend their style so perfectly to Autumnal dressing! For me Autumn/Winter style is about taking my all time favourite beatnik, ever so slightly preppy looks and easily building an outfit around this style by using simple, key Autumn pieces. When I say "Beatnik" or "Preppy" think sixties college student with the best example being Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate... I don't half love stealing looks from some of the most famous boys of the sixties and I'm sure you guys have twigged on to that by now. Basically what I'm trying to say in a round about way is; Autumn is the ultimate time of year to build some of your best outfits together with absolute minimal effort and using items you've probably already had in your wardrobe for yonks!