Let's Help Out For The Girls- Bloody Project

This week I took a little trip to Liverpool to meet a pretty awe inspiring lady called Charlotte. A couple of weeks ago Charlotte reached out to me to see if I could help spread the word on her amazing company Bloody Project and once she explained the concept of her home grown label I felt compelled to help in any way I could. Bloody Project is a company run by Charlotte and Charlotte alone. It is a T-Shirt brand with the sole aim to help alleviate and eventually put a stop to period poverty. Each T-Shirt is sourced within the UK and each one is designed, printed and sold through Charlotte from her home. On meeting her I couldn't quite comprehend the determination and passion behind Charlotte and her brand. Running a business as a one man band and from your home is one noble challenge but than to do so for such an important cause is a entirely different admirable task.

Ace & Tate- Try, Try Baby!

You may or may not be aware but I have a dirty little secret I've been keeping to myself for quite a few years now... I'm a glasses wearer. Or more accurately I'm occasionally a glasses wearer, when I can remember to put them in or I'm in dire straights with a killer migraine. Every so often me and my glasses will make a rare appearance on Instagram Stories but that's as far as our love affair goes. Don't get me wrong I haven't the slightest problem with specs and I think they look wonderful on other people (with my boyfriend being an avid fan of wearing them) but on me they just seem to always fall short. Expectation never seems to meet reality. I partly blame this glasses conundrum on two things; my kind of abnormally small pea head and my complete and utter indecisiveness. But as I type away on my laptop I know it won't be long until I need to reach for my glasses and so I've reached a point where enough is enough. With the welcomed help of Ace & Tate I'm determined to find my perfect pair and this is where their free Home Try-On service comes straight to my rescue. 

Girls Just Want To Have Redone

There are a few perfect wardrobe staples I think we're all constantly searching for. The holy grail pieces, the ones you hold on a pedestal in your head. You have this crystal clear image of what they should look like in your imagination but so far in reality nothing has quite cuts the mustard. These are the pieces you just know would wholeheartedly complete your wardrobe and once you found the perfect one, the search would be over and you'd never need to buy another (well maybe the same piece over... It's my personal believe if you find something that great you should probably own it twice). A few examples of "holy grail" pieces include; The perfect stripe top, the perfect leather jacket, the perfect white tee and lastly but by no means least- as this one is the real rarity- the perfect stone washed jean. But here's the secret... There's a brand out there who manage to tick two of these pieces off with effortless style. Enter Redone. The brand who not only specialises in the perfect vintage style jean but the perfect fitting jersey pieces too for the super relaxed, effortless style we all crave. Hallelujah Redone!

From Good To Ad

So this week I'm sinking my teeth into a hot topic. It's time to set the record straight and talk about that all important, rather elusive #ad. This teeny weeny little hashtag pops up frequently on both our Instagrams and in conversation. Let's speak candidly here and admit that #ad can often be the root of ever growing cynicism and in an Instagram world where authenticity is the aim (and rightly so), the balance between what is business and what is purely pleasure can sometimes get a little bit murky. As a blogger/Instagrammer/Influencer (take your pick) the topic of "ads" is an awkward one. The ideology behind sponsored posts for a number of you out there is simply "it's all for the 'gram" or more sadly, "it's all for the money". Both of these perceptions are debatably in some way true whilst simultaneously being very much misjudged. How and why have we got to the point of deeming ads to be entirely disingenuous from the influencer? With a little help from this post I have decided to share my thoughts on this topic and hopefully provide you guys with some clarity along the way.

Maybe I Was A Little Too Wild In The Seventies

One key theme which tends to be on repeat through my blog is my love for vintage. The sixties and seventies are pretty much the fundamental foundations to my style and I'd say nine times out of ten my every day outfit has been composed of a film, an actress or a band from either of these eras. Old habits die hard and referencing mid century style via my wardrobe is something I've been doing since I was a teenager. I would obsess over sixties and seventies films, meticulously dissecting every outfit I saw. Now at the rip old age of twenty nine I'm more in love with the sixties and seventies than I ever was and even better, so is the entire high street. Vintage style has become ready to wear and easy to access. Now I understand that a lot of the seventies aesthetic can be a little- shall we say- full on and it's very, very easy to tread over the line of "inspired by" into "carbon copy/I'm in fancy dress". There are a few and very easy key pointers to keep your eyes out for, tick these off and you'll be ready to for a particular groovy Autumn.