Summer Style- Pistachio Magnifico

My blog has been a very quiet place recently, sorry for the radio silence guys but I've wanted to make it my aim for the year to ensure I'm only writing when it's 100% relevant and I actually feel like I've got something to say. That said the fact I've not written a post in a few weeks would kinda indicate that I've had absolutely nothing going on and therefore I have absolutely nothing to pen down! This is completely not the case and I still stand by my point a few blog posts back in which I mentioned this year is going by quicker than I can comprehend! I feel like I've been so none stop that I've not even had chance to compute we're almost in sniffing distance of summer which subsequently means I've not really had a chance to think of my "summer appropriate" wardrobe or look at what goodies are out there in the shops at the moment. I've spent the last few weeks, very naughtily living in jeans and tees day in day out... Something I'm well aware I was making a conscious effort NOT to do. Whoops! This week however I've put my bum firmly in gear and I'm starting to actually slow down a little, taking the time to hunt through vintage stores again and sort through my wardrobe. I promise you there will be more seasonally focussed outfits on the blog very soon but for now this one will have to do!

Come Fly With Me, Come iD With Me

This week I took a little trip down to Manchester Airport where I visited their lovely new pop up Clinique stand! The stand is in celebration of the brand's very clever, very versatile new hydrator Clinique iD. To put it simply Clinique iD is a lifesaver for anyone out there who finds their skin doesn't just fit into one typecast... Which I think is applicable to most of us really isn't it? It allows you to customise the hydrator any which way you think is best for your skin. We can personalise pretty much anything these days from handbags to birthday cards, so why not tailor the one thing which is probably the most personal to us all, our skin regime! Clinique iD allows you to pick the right hydrator for you, targeting your specific needs and most importantly your biggest concerns. The cherry on the cake is that personalising your own hydrator couldn't be easier!