It's A Marvellous Night For A Moon Dance

Exactly two days to go- All my presents are bought and wrapped, all logistical plans of how I can some way manage to see everyone I know and effectively be in more than one place at one time have been made and a small truck load of mince pies have already been eaten. If you're not ready for christmas now, you ain't ever going to be ready in time my friend. Ok so last time we spoke I was a teeny weeny bit of a Grinch, but know that all my complaining was done with nothing but love and affection... Now all my festive jobs are done and dusted, it's completely a different story. I can lounge around in my PJs, eating cheese platters, watching Christmas TV gold and effectively just being a maximum chill lady of leisure, in the most smug- "oh what you mean, its the 23rd and you've still not wrapped your presents"- kinda way. Needless to say I'm getting more into the swing of things, joy to the world and all that jazz.

Cheer Up Sleepy Jean

December and Christmas time, Christmas time and December! It's officially one whole week exactly until Christmas day and if you're not feeling festive yet, what the hell are you waiting for? Grab a mince pie, dust off your Wham CD and get guzzling down that mulled wine, just kidding- Please drink responsibly. As Andy Williams once said "it's the most wonderful time of the year"... Sort of?*George Michael screeches to a holt*... Ok sure, but come on, is it REALLY wonderful? How wonderful? like 100%? Or more like 60/40 split? Oh FYI, I probably should have started this blog post with a disclaimer- May contain traces of Grinch.

Yeh Hair Woes, Yeh She Blows.

Right it's time to FINALLY discuss my hair... And there's a heck of a lot of it so we could be here for quite sometime! Firstly I feel like I should apologies to a few of you because I have been asked on numerous occasions how exactly I style my mane, what products I use, if there's a particular technique to waves/curls I prefer etc and I've never really ever given a straight answer. The reason I've shied away from talking about it as a serious (when am I ever seriously serious though?) subject on my blog is because there's so many amazing hair experts out there eager to share their advice, that I always just figured any nuggets of wisdom I could give would be insignificant. I use the word "wisdom" loosely, as when it comes to hair I'm probably not even close to being knowledgeable. As with my make up I prefer easy to use, minimal fuss, hair products. Nothing too technical, nothing too fancy pants, just something which can do a great job with as little effort as possible involved....

Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Leaves)...

Two subject's I've mentioned on multiple occasions; my love for Autumnal/Winter colours and my phobia of wearing colours. Scratches chin, scribbles equation on chalkboard, counts on abacus and if you listen extra carefully you can even hear the cogs ticking in my tiny (no seriously I have a pea head, it's a thing) head... How does that figure? Surely I'm just massively contradicting myself? How have I never put two and two together and made a wonderful outfit of four autumnal colours before? Nothing makes me happier than seeing cosy, nostalgic colour combinations such as browns and pale blues, dusky pinks and navy blues, burgundy and dark mustards, so why do I constantly shy away from actually wearing them?!

Oh Foxy Lady

A couple of weeks back I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Isabelle of Isabelle Fox clothing, we walked around Manchester, discussing clothes, life, being mutual northerners and she explained to me all about how her wonderful label came to be. Her clothes are TO DIE for and that's only at a glance on the website! In real life it's plain to see the love and attention to details that goes into this wonderful little creations, making them just that little bit extra special. The clothes are all made in England, designed by Isabelle herself, with all material sourced by herself and the patterns all cut by her Grandmother!... Seriously this girl is a serious power babe (as is her talented Grandma) and I couldn't help but feel in complete admiration of what she had created here. Just to be clear building a fashion brand successfully and having it all run smoothly is, to put it mildly- hard work, but to do it all on your own? Woozier, hats off!

Getting Away With It

I often look at other bloggers/girls on Instagram and I'm so completely in awe of how bloody wonderful they all look, all the time! Their wardrobes and their lives always appear so so beautiful, like something off a chocolate box. Their outfits always on point, their breakfast carefully positioned and looking just as stylish as their mid week outfit and their Sunday's are spent in chic pyjama's on immaculate bedding. I often think (freak out) to myself, "wow these girls have really got their lives together" and than there's me. Frumpy, clumsy old me. My breakfast is toast (coffee) on the go, my mid week outfit is make up free, covered in dry shampoo and involving the comfiest, most easily accessible items of clothing I can get my sleepy mitts on and my Sunday morning is spent trying desperately to wake my boyfriend up or snuggling my cat (who by the way is black and fluffy so pristine bedding is a distant dream), my life is NOT together people!!