Ciao For Now 2018

Hello and happy belated Christmas! I hope you have all had the most wonderful week filled with an array of food, drinks and of course your nearest and dearest! I've loved having the last couple of days to unwind, spend time with my family, eat whatever food crosses my path and not check my emails even once. But aside from the obvious visit from Father Christmas, me and Joe have had one more very new and very exciting arrival at our house. Last Friday we went and collected a rather beautiful Golden Retriever puppy called Pep and one week on we already can't image life without him. Me and Joe both come from families with dogs and so when we finally moved into our own house we didn't realise just how much we'd miss having a friendly little pooch around. We absolutely adore our new home but in the three months we've been here and have settled in there's been a huge dog shaped hole in our lives. We've spent the last month or so counting down the days until we could finally collect little Pep and we absolutely adore him, so much so that I spent the entire drive home sobbing because I just couldn't believe he was mine... What can I say I'm a very emotional kinda gal.

Co-Ords- Two Can Have A Party

As much as dressing for a night out on the tiles can be difficult around winter time finding the perfect outfit for a house party can be equally perplexing! As we draw closer at lightning speed to Christmas Day and New Years Eve, house parties and cosy evening get togethers with friends are in abundance and dressing for such an occasion can be ever so slightly tricky. I find myself facing that age old question of "is it low key and casual or all out and dressed to the nines?". The (often impossible) key is to try to some how pull together an outfit which is equally understated, comfortable and yet just a little bit glitzy. I mean you need to show evidence you've at least made some moderate effort! The obvious and easy choice is to opt for a party dress but in all honesty I often find seasonal dresses a little too much on the glitzy side. They are designed more often than not with a big work party in mind. Personally whenever I've sported a fancy, Christmas inspired dress to a house party I've always ended up feeling a little over done and it's not a great look at this time of year (for either myself or the turkey). This year I've found the perfect solution so party dressing is investing in a top and skirt Co-Ords! That's right two really can have a party is the wise words of Tammi Tarrell. 

Simon Shopping Destinations- Welcome To New York

Every now and then I feel like my job rewards me with some pretty big "pinch me" moments and last week in particular was not only a prime example of this but one of my favourite highlights to the year! I was invited on a little shopping trip to New York by the amazing team at Simon Shopping Destinations... No biggie hey? I obviously said yes in a New York minute. Not only did this invite revolve solely around shopping, but in New York and in December! It's the kind of trip Christmas dreams truly are made of. I should also add that I've never actually been to New York before so to say it was an offer I couldn't refuse would be an understatement. Needless to say The Big Apple didn't disappoint and to top it off neither did all three of the Simon Shopping Destinations we visited on our travels. As per usual I've taken a thousand and one photos of my time away so let's pine over the pictures together and catch up on what exactly I got up to.

Are You Ready Boots?

I always find during winter there's a real struggle between finding the right footwear and the right outerwear to go with your outfit. I recently discussed my woes on finding the right evening jacket but truth be told I think daytime dressing can be equally, if not more tricky! The middle section of your outfit- say your shoulders to your ankles- can be perfectly thought out and easy to style together but then there comes the dreaded moment when you have to decide between your coat and your shoes and picking out the wrong ones of either can pretty much make or break your outfit. It's not that your coat and shoes are necessarily an afterthought but just that there's so much practicalities to consider. I live in Manchester, one of the rainiest cities in the UK and so weather appropriate is a huge consideration and often an obstacle I'm trying to manoeuvre around. The obvious choice where your footwear is concerned is obviously a good old, reliable boot but is it possible to find a style which is both practical and versatile? Well this year it most definitely is!