For The Check Of It

Welcome back me! I'm acutely aware my blog writing has really slipped over the past year but with the launch of a podcast, T-shirt range and recently announced vintage Instagram Shop (Top Of The Town Vintage- go follow me on Instagram now please), I think it would be fair to say I've had a busy old year and my hands have been ever so slightly full. This is no excuse, I know I know and for the past few months I've had that niggling feeling urging me to return to my blog soon. So here I am and it's good to be back! I figured it's been a considerable while since I wrote about fashion or given any sort of shopping update and October seemed like a better time than any to get the ball rolling with a style related post. Autumn is my favourite season ever, ever, EVER for two reason; firstly I adore my Autumn wardrobe above any other season because I feel like it's the one time of year when my style really comes into itself. Basically I feel like Autumn suits me. The second reason is because let's be honest, Autumn is that one time of the year when you can truly get away with reverting back to acting like a child. You can pumpkin carve, play dress up and get all giddy for fireworks, bonfires and eat treacle toffee in abundance. Autumn is awesome (Awetumn if you're a fan of puns).