Ground Control To Major Trend

I don't know if anyone else does this or if it's just me being a little pedantic with clothes but I have this shopping list in my head, kind of like an "elite" wish list of all the items of clothing I feel my life is missing. They don't necessarily exist or more likely, I've just never been able to actually find the perfect replica to whats in my head yet, but I'm forever looking out for them. The kind of item of clothing which if you were lucky enough to stumble upon one day, you do a little dance inside, grab it, make a B-line for the till and reluctantly hand it over because; A) its the love of your life and you're not willing to let go just yet and B) you're worried in some horrible twist of fate the sales assistant will tell you, you can't have it or even worse steal it from under your nose. Trust no one with you're wish list items! It doesn't matter how much money it costs or more to the point, how much money you don't have, if you find that dream piece you've GOT to buy it, or a kitten dies, you die, the world will end (reasons for buying may be dramatised for your entertainment purposes and are not based on reality)!
To name a few items on my "elite" list; The perfect chunky knit navy blue crew neck jumper, The perfect woven basket bag with the perfect fastening, The perfect fitting vintage Levi's 501s, The perfect Breton top with just the right neckline, stripes and body shape, The perfect vintage sterling jacket and up until recently, the perfect star print shirt/dress/skirt. The last items, I say "up until recently" because  one of the most prominent trends out there at the moment is stars and I couldn't be more thrilled. It's everywhere, you name it and you can probably get it in a star print. Normally I find I'm a little to fickle for major trends and I tire of them easily but something about stars continues to make me smile. Maybe because it reminds me of a Glam rock era gone by or of some of my favourite songs, cue Don Mclean- Vincent, Elton John- Rocket Man and of course Bowie- Space Oddity/Star Man. Or maybe it's because star print manages to simultaneously make you look sophisticated and chic in a Chanel kinda way, whilst also helping you to channel your inner witch and look like the fourth member of the Hocus Pocus gang... who, FYI are the epitome of sass (I'm pretty certain Sarah Jessica Parker is solely responsible for my love of velvet). If I was ever to start using the term "squad goals" it would be aimed strictly at the Hocus Pocus gang and them alone. 

Needless to say I've managed to tick the perfect star print dress, shirt and skirt of my wish list over the past few months. One of my favourite buys was the & Other Stories star skirt photographed below. I was drawn to the unique design of the print which for a nice change is less goth and more galactic. I decided to shy away from teaming the skirt with more obvious "star" colour choices such as black and gold, opting for pastel tones instead; such as the lilac in my Miss Patina knit and a baby pink lip shade. I couldn't resist sporting my favourite Ziggy Stardust silver Office boots along with a pair of silver star earrings from & Other Stories. Stars, lilac and silver are a combo made in heaven! Ask any unicorn. Mix them all together and Abra-cadabra... One of my most recent favourite outfits!

Sophia x 

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Knit- "Airy Glare" Jumper at Miss Patina
Earrings- & Other Stories
Boots- Office


  1. I Love this so much !! You look incredible!!

    xx Alena

  2. I actually adore this look, I'm in love with star print and I'm soooo glad it's cool again! I definitely have a very similar wish list in my head and I am the exact same way towards it, if I find any of the things on it it is of the utmost importance that I get them immediately!

    India Charlotte♥