It's Only Moroccan Roll But I Like It

Yet again in true "Sophia goes on her jollies" form, it's taken me nine million years to actually post about my trip due to an excessive amount of photos having been taken. Which in turn means a ridiculous amount of hours spent trawling through photo after photo, editing, over analysing, re-editing due to over analysing and than the worst part of all, deciding which ones are keepers and which have to be relegated. It's tough, I come back from trips away now, with a feeling of sheer dread knowing I've once again taken far too many photos and therefore will once again have to go through the same routine nightmare of a task. Oh first world problems! BUT we're here, the deed is done and I'm FINALLY ready to share my incredible Moroccan adventure with you in all its glory... True to form, "narrowing down" my selection of photos actually means inevitably still throwing a gazillion your way. Sorry if the loading of this page sends your computer/phone into melt down. I'm not liable for damages.

Marrakech always seemed like such an enigma to me, the idea that somewhere so close could be so culturally different seemed a touch incomprehensible to me and the saying "you've got to see it to believe it" has never rang so true with me as it does for this awe inspiring city. If I told you Marrakech exceeded my expectations than I'd be out right lying to you because the truth is I didn't really know what to expect and to be even more brutally honest, I was so unsure I'd even truly like it. But I did. In a big way. Ok so I've got to confess I'm a city girl through and through and with every new city I visit, the possibilities of me coming back and proclaiming my undying love and professing plans to migrate there are extremely high. I know every post I've written about my travels I've claimed said city is my "new favourite place"... Well same rules apply to Marrakech expect with a little bit something extra to add to the mix, this city is possibly THE most inspiring place I have yet to visit. Bold claim, I know but I stand by it. 

We decided to get stuck right in the thick of it all and stayed in The Madina aka The Old City, whereby tradition is still very much in order and you're as far removed from a more "European" way of living as possible. My advise to those of you going to Marrakech... Please do the same. The Madina is an experience to say the very least. Situated smack bang in the middle of the sukh's, it's a lot to take in from the off set. I got out of the taxi and literally every one of my sense's went into over drive, I honestly didn't know what to take in first. But in turn it's surprising how quick you get used to the hustle, bustle and pace of it all. I've been asked over and over since returning, did I feel safe? Yes, most definitely. Like I said, it's not the way of life and social etiquette I'm used to but it's incredible how quickly you adapt. Admittedly I would feel slightly out of my depth walking around on my own but in a group of girls, I can firmly say I've never felt more safe. I've never known hospitality like that in Marrakech, everyone is so willing to help, appease and approach you and it becomes very apparent, very quickly how sad it is that us Brits do our very best to act the complete opposite! If anything, growing accustomed to just how friendly everyone is was the one factor I found the hardest to get my head around... How bizarre and yet how totally English of me is that?!

We stayed in Be Marrakech; A little 6 room riad about 2 minutes walking distance from the craziness of the sukhs and you literally step into a tiny wooden door off one of the busy streets and you are in the most tranquil guest house you will ever stay in your life! It's like something you'd only imagine in a film. The interior was to die for! The main lobby was decorated floor to ceiling in the most beautifully designed tiles your pretty eyes ever did it. If there was an award for the most Instagrammable hotel well, this place would win by a long shot. If you do plan on staying in the Madina, I would most definitely recommend as Riad as idilic as this one, it's the perfect retreat from a pretty hectic day exploring.  Oh and they have three pet tortoises so... You know, money well spent for that alone.

We spent the majority of our time getting lost and hopping from beautiful building to beautiful building and I couldn't recommend a better way to spend your time. I only wish I'd had longer to do so. In my three days there, I'm pretty sure I only saw a teeny weeny marginal amount of what Marrakech has to offer. Within the sukhs, there are market stalls filled to the brim with hand crafted pieces, pottery, haberdashery, leather goods... You name it and if you need it in pretty much any colour imaginable, well then they'll have it. I'd almost say if you want to shop the sukhs properly, you'd need an entire trip dedicated to just that. It requires complete commitment, with so much choice even I found it too much to browse and I'm a seasoned shopper extraordinaire. 

The entire city is covered with beautiful architecture and interior, as mentioned in my first Moroccan post, it's so admirable how well Marrakech uses colour. It's everywhere and it's colours us Brits would never ever dare team together and it works. When I say this city is inspiring, I think it's safe to say the archeticure does the explaining for me, it made me never want to look at minimal interior again. Two highlights for me were; visiting Ben Yourself Madrassa, an old Islamic college, designed with detailed wood carvings and intricately patterned tiles, it was mind blowing. It makes you wonder why we seem to choose to only live in black and white. The second was, more obviously, Le Jardin Majorelle. The beautiful Gardens of Yves Saint Laurent, colour coordinated in yellow and royal blue... You couldn't expect anything less from a classic YSL design. It's a little bit psychedelic, a little continental and a little eastern inspired. It's sheer eye candy basically and if in Marrakech, please don't be a tourist snob and snub it, it deserves a visit.

If you think all of the above sounds a little "busy" for you than there's the perfect solution for that; Le Pause. About a 40 minute drive from the city centre, it's a tiny little retreat out in the desert and- clues in the title- its the perfect place to do absolutely nothing. You hire your own private tent area which comes with a 3 course meal (Avocado was forstarters, which as a rule I HATE but am still dreaming after it now) and apart from that you're free to just bask in the sun all day. No catch. Again, scary idea for us English ladies/boys but there's zero power and zero signal but you're kind of grateful for it, it forces you to actually switch off and have a little zen in your life. If you're seeking a little mindfulness... You can find it in this desert, no mirage, it's the real deal.

As a bit of a home bird, I'm normally always ready to leave somewhere when I have to. I'm very much in the mind set "I love you but I'm leaving you" but Marrakech is the first place in a long time I genuinely felt sad to have to part with. I regret not having more time there for sure. Just as a little pointer, it's definitely more suited for a weeks stay than a couple of days. I know there's a million sights I've yet to see but it's all just part of the excuse to go back. And I've made a promise to myself that in the not too distant future I WILL go back. For now I'll just have to settle for trawling through my nine million photos which I hope you enjoy looking at as much as I enjoyed taking them (not to be confused with editing them)...

Marrakech thank you for being so awesome.
Sophia x

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