Festival Diary- I Get By With A Little Help From Mi-Pac

In the past few weeks I feel like I've been on more trains to and from London then I've spent time in my own bed. Virgin trains have well and truly become my second home and this Friday was no exception. However this time my trip down to London wasn't all work and no play! Oh no no, this Friday was all about having a little boogie, as the lovely folk from Mi-Pac invited me along to Love Box festival to have a drink, a dance and show off my best festival style. What a lovely way to see the weekend in, hey?

Now looking back through my blog over the last year, it's very much apparent I'm quite the festival expert if I do say so myself and it only feels like yesterday I was cleaning the Glastonbury mud off my Converse (sighs longingly). So when it comes to festival style I'd like to think I've got covered and then some! I've tried and tested so many different festival outfits and reported back to you on every single one over the past year, so that you can skip the hard work and make sure your outfits are always festival ready and field worthy. Aren't I good? But the one area I've never really spoken about in much detail is bags. And oh my, is an important one.

The number one aim at a festival is comfort (a million scantily clad ladies would disagree with me but hey, everyones different and the day you see me rocking a pair of sequin shorts is a day to remember/I've drank far too much gin). You want to be as light, easy and breezy as possible right? But by some cruel twist of fate the shopping list of essentials you need to carry around with you at all times is a lengthy one, subsequently making your easy and breezy hopes nothing more than a pipe dream. 

Just to prove it to you, here are my list of essentials: Sunglasses, purse, phone, hand sanitiser, tissues (lots of tissues), a portal battery charger (seriously though, are Ankor batteries called so because of how god damn heavy they are?), my camera, make up bag, hand cream and at least two cans of gin in a tin. Memo to me, this will not fit in to your most lovely, adorable, "it seemed like such a good idea at the time" basket bag! No matter how hard I try.

The key to ease is this simple; BUY A BACKPACK. I know backpacks can come with the preppy stigma that you might not think fits in with your festival aesthetic but brands like Mi-Pac have changed that around with adorable designs just asking to be worn with you're best festival outfit. And anyway, who ever said preppy was a bad thing?

My Mi-Pac of choose was The Classic in camel canvas and faux suede. The great thing about these little beauties is their super duper light weight and the straps are soft so no matter how much you cram into them, they STILL feel comfortable and they don't dig into your shoulders. Hallelujah! Plus let's not forget their biggest selling point... You'll actually have hands free! So you have the luxury to boogie on down to your favourite band with a paper cup full of wonderfully cold cider in one hand and your camera in the other. Amen to that.

I grabbed "preppy" by the horns with my Love Box outfit and teamed my bag with some girly, ditsy print floral flippy shorts from Glamorous and an adorable croissant themed graphic tee from Ganni (it was actually Bastille Day on Friday so I felt this compulsory) and I finished off my look as ever with my trusty Converse which like myself, are now festival pros. My mission to be as comfortable as possible was complete. 

If you're heading to any festivals this season and you'd like to heed my advice, you can shop the full range of Mi-Pac bags via their website below:

Happy (and hands free) festivalling,
Sophia x

What I wore; Bag- Mi-Pac Classic, Graphic T-Shirt- Ganni, Floral Ditsy Print Shorts- Glamorous

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