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Truth be told I'm a sucker for habits, routine and uniform. In both my personal style and my lifestyle, familiarity is always best. So many pieces of my clothes and jewellery hold sentimental value and so many of my favourite places have a nostalgia them that I hold so dear it's priceless. I think that's a huge reason to why I adore my home town of Manchester and certain little nooks within it so much! I have too many happy (ok... and possibly a few sad) memories dotted around this city that make it just so very special to me. And the older I get, the more lovely memories within Manchester I collect. One of my all time favourite pass times when I'm having a down day is to sit in on of my usual Manchester cafe's with a coffee in hand and gaze out the window. The amount of times I will have probably looked at that same view I'm staring out on to is countless but it never gets old because there's that comforting familiarity to it that you can only find from your home.

My style has exactly the same ideology. I tend to stick to the same shopping habits and the same styling formulas. The one's I feel comfortable and familiar with. Just like my Manchester memories, I seem to be continuously collecting the same pieces which all follow a similar aesthetic to one another.  And it's not just clothes I do this with, it's right down to the jewellery I wear. I'm sure you'll have guessed by now how much I love vintage and with my jewellery I strictly tend to wear just nostalgic pieces which look like the came right out of my mum's or grandmother's jewellery box (some of them often did originate for just those places). I constantly look for the type of pieces which look like they've stood the test of time... Enter Links Of London's Timeless Collection
The Timeless Collection is pretty much spot on to my jewellery style- classic pieces which are completely vintage inspired... To be more specific they're inspired by Big Ben's face, now you can't get a time piece more vintage than that can you? And one of the biggest selling points for me is not only does it have the "nostalgic" element I love so much, it's completely wearable from day to day.
The Yellow Gold Vermeil Necklace is a circular pendent design you've probably seen me wear over time and time again, which is exactly why I was drawn to it this particular piece. I'm obsessed with circular design pendents because they bring to mind a classic locket and I love the idea of such a sweet, old school jewellery design being given a modern twist. Plus it's a staple jewellery piece, you'll practically live in as it goes with pretty much every outfit. From a tea dress in summer, to a chunky knit in winter to one of my all time favourite outfits/uniforms- dungarees and a stripe tee. The Vermeil necklace, just gives your outfit that little bit of sentimentality it deserves, making it even more personal to you!
To match the necklace I've worn the Yellow Gold Stud Earrings and Vermeil Toggle Bracelet- The nice thing about both of these pieces is of simple the designs are which makes them completely wearable together as a set without looking over the top. The designs are delicate and super classic (the Toggle Bracelet in particular is one of Links Of London's classic designs, you'll see time and time again) but the cut work detail gives them that vintage, ornate feel and they could quite easily be mistaken for family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation... Something I'm a stickler for! 

Old style habits die hard but as long as they look as lovely as Links Of London's Timeless Collection, I think I'm ok with that.

Sophia x

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