The Importance Of Being Idle

This week saw the arrival of two rather lovely personal landmarks. First of all it's my blogs second birthday! In my head I kept telling myself it was it's first until I checked dates and then was completely horrified that somewhere along the way I seem to have lost a year of my life? I feel like everything's been a little bit of a whirlwind and as I've been going through the motions (whilst at some points feeling like I'm losing my sanity) time seems to have escaped me! I'm not going to get all soppy but I honestly do thank my lucky stars I decided to start this blog and I am so grateful for the opportunities it's presented me. Which leads me very neatly into my second little landmark- the one year anniversary of my second job, Joanie Clothing!!

If you weren't already aware I still- very happily- work for Joanie Clothing along side running my blog and it's been a real learning curve getting the balance between the two right but I've finally caught the knack and I couldn't be more content. Although I did get asked on Instagram the other day to "get a proper job" (cute!), cheers for the career advise but I think two's quite enough for me thank you. I'm so proud of how far Joanie has come in a year and how hard the team have worked to get it where it is (ironic given my title but I'll get to that in a minute, keep on reading please)! Round of applause please for the Joanie squad and anyone who has supported the brand in the past year... You have impeccable taste and as a huge thank you grab yourself 20% off on Joanie's full price range now with code SOPHIA20! A little pressie from me to you for being so awesome!
So as I get all mushy and sentimental (after promising I wouldn't get soppy) I've been kind of reflecting back on my style and how I feel my blog has best represented it. Truth be told I think it does a pretty accurate job BUT (there's always a but) I feel like I constantly jabbering on about how little effort I like to put in to what I wear and how I'm all round a 'lazy" dresser but then when I'm shooting for my blog posts I always want it to be the best outfits and subsequently maximum effort it put in. There's nothing wrong with this it's just a lot of the looks featured aren't based on how I outfit build on any regular morning... I decided I wanted to do a few "lazy girls guide to dressing" posts (Oh see! There's the title relevance right there). Next week I'm going to be talking you through easy party dressing because 'tis the season but this week let's talk feminine styling with zero effort.

I can't think of a more perfect brand to demonstrate effortless feminine style than Joanie (oh I love it when a plan comes together) as they cater for the kind of power girl who has a million and one things to do, places to go and hobbies to start whilst looking absolutely adorable with very little time. I've pieced together an outfit from their Autumn/Winter range to give you an idea of what my take on feminine actually is... And there's not a patch of pastel pink or lace in sight!
The biggest hack to LOOKING like you care without actually having to, for me is the tea dress. Ever since Kate Moss dropped THAT pansy print dress into her first Topshop collection I've been happily using them to trick the world into thinking I've put vast amounts of effort into an outfit whilst doing the complete opposite. Whether it's teamed with a trainer, a sandal or a boot, there's something about a tea dress which gives off an air of effortless style. I personally love the versatility of a floral print which is partly where my love for vintage stems from! And at the risk of sounding a little naff a floral tea dress is one of the key wardrobe pieces to easily take you from day into evening wear seamlessly... Sorry I know that sounds really gimmicky but I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it. 
At present I've replaced my floral dresses with skirts in particular the midi! I've previously discussed the midi back at the start of summer but for me this style is definitely something I'm taking forward with me into winter. In the photographs above, below and all over the show I'm wearing the Joanie Patti Floral Midi Skirt and it's oh so flattering (perfect for when you want to stuff your face with all that hearty food throughout autumn). I'm a sucker for cornflower blue and teamed with reds or browns, it's spot on for your winter wardrobe.

I've styled the Patti poppy print skirt with one of my favourite buys this year- my By Far Victorian style lace up boots! These are quite possibly the comfiest shoes I've ever worn so much so they give my Converse a run for their money. But why do I love them so if not for their comfort alone? Because they cover all bases and are the shortcut footwear of choice for pretty much any outfit! Much like the trusty tea dress- I've quite happily worn these in the day with a loose skirt or jeans, right through into the evening with something a little more fancy pants! If these booties aren't your bag then I advise you to invest in a pair of patent ankle boots immediately (if you haven't already done so)... I categorically hate heels in true lazy girl style and patent boots have been my long standing substitute for "dressy" footwear. What's more... I practically live in them throughout the week too!

Next on my list is a winter classic- cable knit! If I could give you one good piece of advise this winter and every winter after that it would be to grab yourself an Aran knit jumper as they stand the test of time! A good vintage one may set you back a few pennies but it's pennies well spent, alternatively there's a lot of amazing variations on the High Street right now. There's just something effortlessly chic and a touch quaint (in a real nineties Laura Ashley, "country bumpkin" kind of way) about a cable knit with blue jeans. I'm a big fan of teaming mine with the aforementioned vintage floral and a black chelsea boot for a super feminine, preppy touch. Alternatively forget dressing feminine and mix it up! Team your cable knit with vinyl skirts/pants to instantly put your outfit in line with this seasons key trends. If an Aran sweater is good enough for Colin Firth in Love Actually than it's good enough for your winter wardrobe. I've styled up my midi skirt in this post with another lazy girl essential, a slogan tee (yes, it's Stranger Things themed) from Topshop with Joanie's Linda Cable Knit Cardigan over the top to give my overall look a more autumnal feel (i.e. to ensure I don't freeze to death).

For this outfit I've stuck to staple pieces I know work for me and are within my comfort zone. From the midi skirt to the slogan tee- these are items I know I can easily work into most outfits for just about anytime of day. My overall look is super casual but there's that nostalgic, vintage touch to it which gives things a much more feminine feel! It looks completely stylised and is perfectly acceptable for a million and one occasions BUT took minimal time or effort... And no one will suspect a thing. Sit back and relax!

Sophia x

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