Back To Basics- Le Sneak, C'est Chic!

So one of the ideas I've got going on for my blog at the moment is to ever so slightly strip it back down to basics. And by basics I mean literally. I want to talk you through the staple wardrobe items that make me tick. The ones I can't live without, the ones which are worn week after week, year after year. The ones which if I really think about it I'm 100% sure I have real true love for (not romantically I should add to avoid any ickiness, more sentimentally). I'd like to think my style definitely has it's own identity in some ways which is more often than not completely made up of those wonderful basics we all have our wardrobes and so why not show these items a little bit of love vocally! I'l be talking you through why I love them and how I personally style them. As always feedback is much appreciated so I'd love for you guys to share with me how exactly you style yours too!

It seemed kinda silly to not start this basics topic with that little something I wear virtually everyday for the last- oh I don't know- mere ten/fifteen years! And by that little something, I mean high tops of course! Yes that's right, me and my Converse have pretty much been in a committed relationship now for well over a decade and still going strong. For those of you that have been following me for a while (and actually come to think of it those who have only just started following) you'll notice I pretty much live in the things. They are my style safety net and as I discussed in my last post my aversion to heels, you should know that Converse have played a pivotal role in helping me successfully avoid any heel above 2 inches for the entire time I've owned them. Thanks Chuck!
They are the ultimate in effortless, cool girl style and FYI that's not me self proclaiming, but more explaining where my inspiration to wear them came from! They are the kind of sneaker you quite literally throw on with any outfit and just know they're going to work. For me there's something super satisfying about teaming Converse and a pretty floral summer dress (I will be discussing the smock dress as another one of my ultimate staples in a few weeks so stay tuned) to transform it from feminine and elegant into a little boisterous and care free! That said I equally adore chucking them on (Oh little pun there) with stone washed jeans/dungarees and a plain white tee to completely nail that "ridiculously simple but ultimate super stylish" vibe. I recently described the dungaree, tee and Converse combo as my "cartoon me" outfit i.e. I would quite happily wear it day in/day out for forever and continually feel like the best me possible. 

One of the beauties to Converse is the sacred rule that the scruffier the more effortless your outfit becomes and the better they look (now who can say that about a pair of suede boots hey)! There's that real struggle with new high tops to try and break them in to perfection, getting them just that right amount of beaten up. My little tac-tic to speed this up used to be taking my dog out for long walks, purposefully walking them through every muddy field and puddle I saw. Failing that around two to three gigs stood as close to the front as possible would usually do the trick. And then there's that fine line between perfectly scruffy and so gross they can also walk on their own! I once had a pair which were ripped from the heel upwards- needless to say they weren't exactly ideal in Manchester weather and many a sock got ruined in the fall out. And lastly there's the always impossible decision to finally say goodbye and farewell as you throw them in the bin with a heavy heart ready to start the whole process over again. Oh the circle of life!
Truth be told I do feel like Converse fall into a category I like to call "The Clothes Trap" which accompanied by jeans are effectively those items you continually wear in laziness. The ones which stop you from branching out and become a bad habit which is impossible to break. But I'm a firm believer that if it ain't broke than don't fix it and why break a habit of a life time? They've saved me through many morning wardrobe meltdowns of "I have nothing to wear", "this outfit doesn't look the same as I imagined in my head" and that absolute classic "I can't find the shoes I'm looking for and I'm going to miss my train". They've kept me comfy at every festival and able to dance my socks off at every gig. We've seen sunny days and pouring rain (albeit when I wish I'd chosen more appropriate footwear). From Summer into winter. Through School, college, uni and right now!
Yep old habits definitely die hard and a wardrobe staple (true love) is forever!

Sophia x

What I wore: Pink Frill Collar Blouse- Topshop, Amour Flocked Navy Sweatshirt- And Other Stories, Vintage Stone Washed Levis- Nasty Gal, Red High Top Converse- Converse

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Photography by Rosie Butcher

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