Very Everyday Life Goals- Tomorrow May Rain So I'll Dress For The Sun

How is it that this time last week we were all basking in glorious sunshine? But then you fast forward to days like today where it's freezing cold and pouring down with rain? British weather is more than unpredictable and a particular season doesn't necessarily mean you can count on a certain type of weather... Snow in March anyone? As we approach into May we're all eager to put our best summer foot(wear) forward but you wouldn't be wrong to edge into your seasonal wardrobe with caution. As much as I love my winter coats and jumpers, I'm oh so sick of the sight of them and in the past couple of weeks I've been burning to embrace my summer wardrobe full steam ahead.
Unfortunately although my heart says sunshine, my head disagree! But it's not all literal doom and gloom, I'm forever the optimist (sometimes) and I definitely think there are certain style tricks you can take on board in order to ease your wardrobe into summer without catching a cold. Browsing Very's new summer collection certainly gives me hope and there are a few key pieces you can invest in to swiftly give your wardrobe a much needed summer spruce up (a spring clean you might say) so the next time the sun makes an appearance we can all be ready and raring to go.
Layering shouldn't be relegated to strictly winter styling. This spring/summer it's important to grab yourself in a variety of simple, plain tees. They look so effortless and chic on their own but they also act as a life saver in summer when the weather is less sizzle and more drizzle. Treat yourself to that pretty camisole you've been eyeing up and simply layer over the top of your tee. This is an easy way to wear those summer pieces you adore whilst not baring all! Plus it adds a little extra interest to your old faithful white tee. I've opted for the cute polka dot cami from Very because as mentioned in previous posts I can't get enough of spots! They're a great way of introducing a playful, fun edge to your outfit and they're virtually seasonless. For super, hot days wear it on it's own with a denim midi (such as the Very one I wore in my post on Sunday style) and a red lip for that timeless French girl stye we all love.
I tend to talk about stone washed denim quite a lot and it's without a doubt one of my all time style staples! My summer wardrobe is no exception and I'll personally loving this perfect fit, kick flare from Very right now. They're the ideal denim style to transform your style from winter straight into summer! A stone washed tone will instantly give your outfit that little sunny lift it needs. Not only this but it goes with absolutely everything from summer florals to chunky knits in winter. Plus it's great for styling with bright, vibrant summer tones as well as more neutral, low key hues such as blacks, greys or beiges. What I'm trying to tell you is stone wash is basically an all round winner! Put it in a kick flare style and you'll be well prepared for summer as this is a really sweet cropped shape which works well with an ankle strap sandal or a plimsole! It will effortlessly allow you to keep covered whilst not looking to drab!
Lastly invest in colourful add on pieces to inject a simple and subtle flash of vibrancy to an otherwise neutral outfit. I completely agree with you if you find it hard to wear bright colours when the weather is anything but. That said if we're talking about easing into our summer wardrobe gently than little colour pops are most certainly needed. One of the best way to get this is in a vivid lip colour like my red or even better with your footwear. Ok so in this post I've teamed my Very outfit with a super summery sandal but that's not to say your choice of footwear can't be a little more weather appropriate. Try a pastel toned loafer, a colourful high top or even an espadrille. All will work perfectly at giving your outfit that little pop of summer it needs. 
I'm a firm believer that at this time of year it's all about dressing positively and with a little help from Very you can definitely add a touch of sunshine to your wardrobe... Even if you're still soldiering on through nothing but rain. 

Summer we're ready and waiting!

Sophia x

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