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Lately I've been talking a lot about my summer style because well... Tis the season! But there is one minor detail I've failed to mention so far and that is my biggest summer style inspiration. I've decided the time has come to share my dirty, little style secret with you and FYI it's an old school one. When I say "Old School" I really mean it, this person has been inspiring my wardrobe for years upon years, decades even! Way before George Harrison, Jane Birkin and even good old Chung, there was one leading lady having a pretty strong influence on my wardrobe... Francis Baby Houseman. Yep thanks to my sister Giannina convincing me to repeatedly watch Dirty Dancing as a child (she had a thing for Patrick of course), I've now entered adulthood still obsessed over Baby's clothes. Aside from still being able to recite the entire film word for word, who knew it would have such a lasting impression on my wardrobe too?

Baby's look is classic and apparently- due to the fact I've been copycatting it now for over a decade- timeless. It's quintessential inspiration for any vintage lover and the ironic part is, although this film is set in the sixties it's actually the poor attempt to encapsulate the decades style which makes Baby's wardrobe so damn good. Her style is effectively an odd amalgamation of iconic eighties with a slight nod to the sixties and the funny thing is it's a formula which works!  She's understated with a little bit of Beatnik, a whole lot of dorky and a touch of tomboy. Now take all these looks and mix them with classic eighties stone wash and you've pretty much nailed the iconic Baby wardrobe! And this is basically what I've been doing every summer for as long as I can remember and now I'm going to share with you why Baby is the best reference for creating any capsule summer wardrobe.

Stripe Tees And Cut Off Jeans Please

Starting with the basics if there's one thing Baby should inspire you to do (aside from practising the Pachanga whilst walking down the stairs) it's to go out and buy a striped tee immediately. This is a style staple I harp on about all too much but I do so because it is unquestionably one of the most timeless and classic pieces you will inevitably own. There's something ridiculously stylish and oh so flattering about a boat neck, what's more it's the perfect top for teaming with pretty much any bottom. More aptly for summer it looks so bloody chic styled with a pair of cut off denim shorts! This is such an easy and effortless holiday look for the daytime when you want to feel comfy and carefree in the sun. For extra Baby points simply time with a classic white plimsole. Baby likes a Ked but personally I'm more of a Superga kinda girl... Your choice! Finally find yourself a good oversized denim shirt, perfect to throw on over the top of your outfit and effectively doubling up as a jacket. Very Baby, very Eighties... 

Pleasantly Peasant And White Denim

Much like the striped Breton top, there is another item of clothing which I consistently keep buying every summer and that is the peasant top. I've yet to reach a point with this style of blouse where I finally decide enough is enough and I really really REALLY don't need to buy anymore. Truth be told  there is something oddly (and completely irrationally) satisfying about hunting down a pristine folk style blouse in a vintage store and falling in love with it's beautiful embroidery all over again... Like you did with the other ten million you own. This really is the perfect blouse for creating that free spirited summer look we all crave and is the ideal accompaniment to any festival. For me there is two ways to style your peasant blouse, the first being super bohemian... Think Woodstock 1969, think Penny Lane in Almost Famous, think Jimmy Hendricks and of course, think The Beatle's circa Sgt Pepper. But the second is super Baby inspired and a little dorky in all the right places. I love teaming my peasant blouse with a crisp white pair of jeans for a super sleek look and where the striped tee/shorts combo will see you through the day, this will happily see you into the evening. Wear with simple gold hoop earrings, a messy bun and a sun kissed nose for added chic.

Swing Dresses and Cable Knits

And so I've saved the best Baby look until last and the one we are all 100% certain is perfectly appropriate for carrying a watermelon or two in... The pretty swing dress accompanied by a comfy, ever so slightly slouchy cardigan. I adore this look so much! There's something a little twee about a floral sundress but it works so well offset with a boyish knit and a mucky pair of plimsoles. For the perfect Baby look I always go for ditsy print florals or striped florals for more of a vintage inspired feel. One great piece of advise I can give you in the name of Baby Houseman is to invest in a good, light grounded and/or pastel coloured cardigan. It's a great alternative to outerwear over the summer months and will see you through those kinda chilly evenings out in the garden whilst keeping your outfit looking perfectly seasonal and super feminine.
Baby's style is perfect for those of you that love to dress with minimal effort as the majority of pieces featured in her wardrobe are simple, wardrobe classics which more often than not speak for themselves! If like me you air on the slightly tomboyish side then she's definitely got your back because there is nothing more underdone or remotely glamorous about this sense of style. She is still the reference point I turn to on those mornings when I don't know what the hell to wear and after a decade of swooning over her iconic Bretons and nerdy Keds I think it's more than apparent she'll be influencing my summer wardrobe for years to come too... 

After all nobody puts Baby's style in the corner.

Sophia x

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