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You may have notice from my outfit posts on Instagram but a big percentage of my daily wardrobe is taken up with T-shirts and not just any tee will do. No, you see I have a little addiction to band T-shirts. I've been collect them since my early teens and have a acquired a pretty hefty selection. I guess it's hard to stop buying them because what they represent is a huge part of my life and inevitably they it's a part of life that will always make me smile. Music has had such a huge influence on my wardrobe and the person I am today... I don't think I'm at all unique in this sense and I think consciously or subconsciously we are all in some way effected by the bands we listen to and the albums/songs which resonate with us personally. 

Music Tee's for me more often than not have a nostalgia to them. They not only literally remind me of a certain gig, festival or occasion because that's where I've bought them but they remind me of a certain phases in my life. The amazing thing about music is that we all are able to pin point exactly particular milestones in our lives via the music we listened to at the time. And a specific song can easily transport you right back to those special moments. Whether it's college, your first love, your favourite holiday or your uni days there will more than likely be a song which will forever take you right back there. It's amazing and pretty magical really. Nothing else has this same sentimental effect on us... Maybe some scents have a common emotional reaction but primarily it's music! Just to give you some proof in the pudding, here are some prime examples which stand out to me personally. Panic At The Disco's first album immediately takes me back to my first year in college, MGMT transports me to my first year in uni and Tame Impala's Current will forever make me smile as it reminds me of when Joe and myself first started dating.
And it's just not just the nostalgic element to wearing your favourite bands for the world to see! For me it's about pride in your music taste which inevitably means pride in who you are. A band tee is the literal equivalent to wearing your heart on your sleeve and there's something really admirable about that. You unashamedly laying bare your personality and why the hell not? Music is so telling of a person and sometimes it might just catch you by surprise. I've had it happen a lot more often than I'd care to admit whereby I'll wear a certain band tee on Instagram and some smart Alec will try to catch me out, insinuating I don't really like them. I find this so funny and extremely interesting! Funny because it's the only example where you should judge a book by it's cover... If I'm wearing a band tee please just accept I like them even if I can't recite their Wikipedia page word for word. And interesting because there's something so endearing about how territorial we become regarding music. We all hold it so dear to our heart, defending it like an old friend or family member. And for this reason alone I'll let all you smart Alec's off.

Now is the part where I might make some of the super territorial music fans mad... It's my third and last reason to why exactly I love band tees so much. They are just so aesthetically pleasing! Sorry I know that's not a the super cool, super indie answer some of you will be looking for but it's the truth. I've yet to find a high street non-music related graphic tee with the same authenticity and conviction as a band tee. Band tee's work because they're slogans in their own right, they are not over thought and they're not gimmicky. They look the right amount of relaxed teamed with a pair of stone washed jeans and Converse. Aside from this they are a match made in heaven for this summers top trend, the midi skirt. Simply tuck your tee in or wear it tied in a knot with your fav skirt and a pair of comfy espadrilles for that cool, oh so effortless summer vibe.
Whether you want to hit this season's relaxed trend right on the head or you simply want to fan girl with pride, for me the band tee will always be the perfect essential to own in your wardrobe. For lazy days and unwashed hair, to nights out under your favourite leather jacket the music tee will always see you through and make you smile all the while... After all Rock 'N' Roll is good for the soul.

Shop some of my favourite music tees in the post now.

Sophia x

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  1. In conclusion band tees are the best kinda tees! (I actually own a yellow submarine tee and I was so surprised to see that not everyone catched the reference!!)