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The weather has seriously dropped this week which means it's time to dig out your favourite snuggly parka and chunkiest knitwear! I absolutely love this time of year for layering and nothing makes an outfit look more perfect than a great jumper/coat combination. That said one of my biggest bugbears is that awkward moment you put together a perfectly lovely evening outfit only to realise you've forgot to consider your outerwear. nothing pains me more than ruining a great look with a mismatched coat because style is great, but freezing to death definitely takes priority. Purchasing a fancy evening appropriate coat can often seem like such a waste of money especially when the reality is you'll simply only wear it three or four times tops throughout the season (unless you're a real party animal, I ain't judging)! But shopping for evening outerwear doesn't have to mean it's exclusively for just party wear and it's my personal believe that it's more a case of finding the perfect all purpose jacket for every occasion. I promise you they are out there!
I absolutely adore a check blazer for a ridiculously timeless look which will see you from daytime to evening in the blink of an eye. Check patterns and tartans has a marvellous knack at some how looking super luxurious and really rather regal, which means as much as this pattern can be styled in the day with a big chunky jumper, it can also be worn a little more sophisticatedly too for a festive nighttime soirée! This year I invested in this very lovely check blazer from Sandro, I justified the money because on closer inspection it's multicoloured pattern makes it super versatile with a million different looks. This is the kind of jacket which is truly going to see me through. With hints of browns, oranges and blues woven into this check, I'm pretty much covered when styling this blazer with various different tones! I guess my top tip for check shopping would most certainly be try and be as brave as possibly with your colour. I know greys and browns can seem like the more sensible option but they will limit you as much as if you were to buy a bright pink blazer. Multicoloured checks will always give you a border array of tones to work with.
For dressing up a jacket like my Sandro number it's all about taking the check blazer back to it's vintage roots. I've gone slightly Eighties with a buttoned up cream blouse underneath which only compliments the sightly royal, completely British aesthetic of the blazer. What I love about this Topshop blouse is although completely simple in design, devil really is in the detail with it's dainty gold and pearl buttons! It's little details like this which just push this kind of blouse into the evening outfit territory. I've then styled both the blouse and jacket with one of my ultimate accessories for this winter, the barrette hair clip! I would highly recommend you head down to your nearest Accessorize and invest in this pearl barrette as it's an amazing accessory for instantly making any outfit look that little bit more fancy! There's something slightly androgynous about a buttoned up blouse and blazer combination but yet the pearl hair piece just injects the perfect balance of femininity and playfulness  into your outfit.

Lastly I've styled my blazer with another wonder item for easily achieving day to evening, the cord skirt! Lord knows I'm a big fan of a matching belt with most wardrobe items but this brown cord skirt with belt in belt from And Other Stories truly is the cherry on the cake. It's the perfect amount of vintage cool I'm looking for in this outfit. This golden brown cord looks super rich and luxurious for evening wear but I've also been happily teaming it with tights and a roll neck for day time use too! Overall this outfit maybe not be black tie appropriate but it will certainly see you through numerous house parties, weekend drinks and maybe a fancy meal or two. 
Layering up for winter means making every layer count especially the top one. Buying the perfect check blazer is always a good idea.

Sophia x

Full Outfit Details: Check Blazer- Sandro at Selfridges, Cream Pearl Button Detail Blouse- Topshop, Brown Belted Cord Skirt- And Other Stories

Photography by Rosie Butcher

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  1. I totally agree with this, I have such a gap in my wardrobe for a smart yet warm piece of outerwear. I'm heading out this weekend and I've been dreading it because of the freezing evenings at the moment but I think I need to check out some of the blazers you've linked! x