Who Likes Short Shorts?

Being 18 years old in the late noughties definitely had its style pros and cons. Pros included an abundance of vintage tea dresses, the return of the Barbour jacket/Russell & Bromley loafers and who didn't love an American Apparel overpriced jersey skirt? Cons included Disco Pants (gone but never forgotten... sadly), leggings under dresses or worse, just on their own and knee high socks (which I still secretly pine after). It was the golden age of indie dressing and looking too cool for school was always the aim. Ten years on I'm of course oh so thankful my style has moved forward and whilst I was very glad to say goodbye to a number of fad trends (Disco Pants I'm looking at you again), there are some which on a practical level seemed a little difficult to let go of. Enter the denim short, a summer style staple back in 2007 and every year since then. When I was a little nipper of eighteen years old short shorts were my go to. Worn to death pretty much every day in summer with a Breton top and high tops or on a night out dancing to MGMT with tights and a chelsea boot. They were a look, fashioned together from vintage Levis 501's haphazardly cut into the teeny weeniest of denim hot pants you ever did see. Now don't get me wrong denim shorts are most definitely still a thing, in fact I'd say they're an absolute classic which have seen me through pretty much every holiday and festival in the last ten years. That said as I entered my late twenties I think I can be forgiven for opting out of a tight, knicker length short, instead favouring something a little more comfortable shall we say? 

I'm not saying I've hit thirty and therefore microscopic denim shorts are no longer allowed. Heck I'm a firm believer you can wear whatever you want, no age restrictions apply but I'm also a firm believer in comfort being key and denim knickers just ain't that. More over after ten years of having my back throughout the summer months, the denim short was starting to grow a little tired and in desperate need of a revamp. All I wanted in life (well maybe not ALL I wanted) was a loose legged, still kinda short, high waisted style and up until recently these rather weirdly were near impossible to come by. Every denim short I came across seemed to fall below my waist, cling to my thighs and in my opinion looked all together a little unflattering! In fact the only style I could actually find on the high street were Zara's Mom short which I still swear by and which after posting on my Instagram, I received a world of messages desperately asking me for a link, style code or style name... Thus proving my point I wasn't the only one out there hankering for a new take on the much loved short! This year however I feel like our cries having finally been heard as we see the return of an absolute nineties classic and the answers to our summer prayers, the Bermuda short! Why didn't I think of this sooner? Comfy, high waisted and therefore very flattering, kinda loose around the leg, perfect with a blouse and the cherry on the cake is they're not confined to denim! Available all over there high street and beyond this season in cottons, linens and every colour under the sun, the Bermuda short is my favourite trend of this season. I'm just crossing my fingers and toes it stick around for the next few summers to come as boy does it feel good to be back in shorts. 

In celebration of the Bermuda I've picked out some of my top picks on the high street right now and shard them within this post for you to sink your teeth into (and your pins). Who likes short shorts? WE DO, WE DO!

Sophia x

Outfit Details: Cream Frill Blouse- And Other Stories, Rust Linen Bermuda Short- And Other Stories, Tan Leather Mary Jane Sandal- Church's at Matches, Tan Plaited Belt- Gap

Photography by Rosie Butcher

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  1. I wish that I looked this good in Bermuda shorts too but my body is just built differently ;(