Top Of The Town- Paint Palette Collection

As we come speeding into August, so does Top Of The Town's brand new "Paint Palette" vintage collection and I promise you, there's no chance you can miss it! This summer has been a real rollercoaster of a ride; plans have been cancelled, face masks are the unexpected must have accessory and my fellow Northerners will understand the heartbreak of continuous days of grey, rainy weather. With all of these slight obstacles in our way, it's tough to feel positive about summer and so I wanted to ensure this collection was in high spirits and high colour. As a last hurrah to summer style this is a collection which makes a bold statement with bright colour combinations, vibrant patterns and retro summer shapes to make any vintage lover go weak at the knees and I hope, put a little smile on everyone's face.
The Paint Palette collection really is a celebration of vibrant 1960s/1970s style. Always fearless and never afraid to stand out from the crowd, these two decades without fail continually offer vintage pieces to wear with confidence. Patterns were louder, collars and sleeves more exaggerated and women's desire to showcase their personalities through fashion had become more amplified. When I first started putting pieces together and really thinking about retro colour palettes and their vitality, I was instantly reminded of some of my favourite artists of the 20th century; from Edward Hopper and Pablo Picasso, to Andy Warhol and David Hockney. All completely unique in their own right of course, but all Artists whereby colour was truly king and they weren't afraid to splash out on their canvas (in Hockney's case, quite literally). They all created beautiful timeless pieces with complete conviction through experimenting with their style and pioneering their technique. This is exactly the kind of confidence we should all be embracing in our own wardrobes, after all personal style truly is self expression! 
With all this artistic- rather cultured- food for thought in mind, Paint Palette was born! A wonderful collection in which I was able to highlight some of the vivid patterns and bright tones I'd found on my vintage hunting travels, as well as hopefully uplifting people's summer spirits and inspire them to go bright this August with big pops of colour. Within Paint Palette expect to find beautiful 1970s maxi dresses in bold floral prints of fuchsia pink, pillar box red and vivid violet. Look out for our sweet mini summer dresses with adorable details in zesty oranges and luscious green which even Bob Ross would be impressed with. Paint Palette encourages us all to be bold because in the wise words of The Rolling Stones, "she's a rainbow" and so are you!

Paint Palette collection launches Tuesday 4th August at GMT.

Sophia x

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