Snap Happy and Find Joy

Hello me again. You know you've not been posting nearly enough when you feel the need to introduce yourself on your own blog! But in a year when life has thrown us all a case load of lemons, I found it really difficult to read the room and understand what feels relevant to talk about on here for both myself and those reading it (if there's any of you still out there). Uncertainty seems like the hot word to describe most people's feelings towards the current situation and believe me, I'm definitely not the anomaly on that front. Without sounding a touch melodramatic I started to feel like I'd lost my voice for discussing anything on here with true enthusiasm, speaking as candidly as I can I was just sort of coasting by on autopilot. Much like many others out there I feel like I've had a year of extreme low's teamed with a few weeks of nothingness and a couple of not too high, highs thrown in. But that's just it, maybe quite a few of this year's highs aren't exactly what I would deem highlights on any other "normal" year (whatever normal means) but it's important to recognise them all the same. I guess one solid lesson I have taken from the horror show that is 2020 is that you really do have to seek out the little things that bring you joy where you can. Granted "seeking" might on some weeks feel more like “extensively hunting down” but I promise from trying my hardest over the last few weeks, there really is happiness to be found in the smallest of achievements. 

On an average week in 2020 joy to me is now daily walks with my dog and my boyfriend, especially as the weather grows colder, but the light is still golden and Autumn is starting to settle in quite nicely. Speaking of Autumn this is my favourite season and so I guess I'm finding a big dollop of joy coming my way this month; I adore the nostalgia of it, the wholesomeness, the colours and the insatiable need to stay indoors (as a self proclaimed home bird with a bad habit for being unsocial at times, this one ranks pretty high on my list of reasons why I love Autumn). Most notably I love Halloween, I'm a scaredy cat who so desperately wishes she could face a scary film, instead opting every year to watch Hocus Pocus and The Craft... They're classics so it's no hardship. I've been finding a lot of joy in both the great outdoors and my home in equally measures this year- we've been venturing on bigger, slightly more ambitious walks, learning a few vital lessons the hard way as we go. Memo to me: always carry around snacks and don't let your dog chew through his lead midway through a 10k trial in Macclesfield Forest. We've also been looking for slightly more interesting spots to explore locally and in turn I have a whole new appreciation for the North West and the beautiful scenery we have on our doorstep; from quaint little Styal and the majestic Delamere Forest, to the somber B29 Overexposed Wreckage in Glossop. 

"Home is where the heart is" has never sounded more true as I find myself appreciating every inch of mine just that little bit more deeply. In summertime I worked on my garden and found a new (slightly obsessive) joy in flowers. This year for the first time ever I was able to stop for a moment and watch in amazement as Spring sprung! I took note over summer of every plant/flower which blossomed and bloomed. Why had I never garden before? At one point during the summer I actually posted a photo of my newly seeded lawn on Instagram because this is now the kind of thing that excites me even if the general public probably disagrees. Seriously guys, watching grass grow is underrated. I've painted lots of walls in my house and although this isn't really a new joy for me (I've always found it incredibly therapeutic decorating with just your thoughts and the radio for company), I was glad to keep the momentum going. I also painted doors and my front door is now a very delightful- albeit slightly brighter than expected- Air Force Blue... I should point out that accidentally spilling black gloss on said newly painted front door was far less of a joyful experience, I wouldn't recommend it. I've learnt to master the art of a Crockpot and by "master" I actually just mean I've started using mine, which up until lockdown began had been collecting dust in the deepest, darkest corner of my kitchen for the last two years. I now slow cook E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. I've taken up knitting again and although I'm still working away on the same navy jumper I started back in March, I still enjoy picking it up whenever there's not much else to do. I also enjoy using my late grandma's needles and wondering if she'd be pleased to see them still working away (whilst knowing full well she'd be slightly baffled as to why it's taking me so long... 7 months on one jumper is excessive).


I got my Instax camera from my 8th birthday working again (making it a grand total of 23 years old in case you're wondering), I used two packets of film and got a little bored... It's the size of a small 90s TV and probably weighs about the same. I've read 20 books, loved most, struggled with a few, cried at some and got angry with "Women Don't Owe You Pretty". I've baked countless cakes, 2 batches of cookies and one very epic pie.  I've fixed my boyfriend's vintage Olympus OM1 film camera. So far I have used 4 rolls of film to document each very non-eventful week, snapping away at the very microscopic but oh so important things that make me happy. If I'm feeling a little lost for words, I thought I can at least continue sharing some of my favourite snaps with you over the next few months on here. I hope you like my photos so far and I hope I've inspired you to take stock in the small bursts of joy wherever you may find them.

Sophia x


  1. Gorgeous photos - I need to start taking some fun pictures to remember some memories!
    Jenna ♥
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  3. I love your style! And our dog is so cute! x

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