Joanie Collection Take Three

So here it is! Back by popular demand, another collaboration with the amazing Joanie Clothing team! I can not quite believe this is our third range together and seeing the reaction our previous two collections received is still a real "pinch me" moment for me. I really do feel beyond honoured to be collaborating once again with Joanie Clothing on a third and arguably our most vibrant collection to date. This time round working together through several lockdowns has meant a lot of adjusting. We were communicating purely through late night Whatsapp conversations, emails upon emails and in my case, rambling voice notes which Lucy, Joanie's brand manager deserves a medal for putting up with. That said, with all the obstacles and changes we faced, working on this third collection was once again been an absolute dream and although I was rolling up myself sleeves in preparation for a mammoth challenge, everything flowed so easily. Lucy's concepts forever seem to knit so seamlessly with my own, our taste levels, style references and mood boards always matching together so perfectly. If anything this third collection is a real testament to how much I truly enjoy working with the Joanie team.

For this collection we really wanted it to stand apart from the last two which seemed to flow together so nicely (not that there's anything wrong with that). We wanted each tee within this collection to speak for itself as its own unique design. We experimented a lot more with colours, print styles and compositions to create 12 very different stand alone pieces. You'll even find that 3 of these styles are now in the form of very cool, very cosy sweatshirts which make for a really nice change. As with the last two collections, I once again pay homage to the films I love, the books I read and the music I listen to religiously. However this time round I also got a little more personal and found inspiration a little close to home which I guess in only a natural having spent the past year indoors. Each T-shirt is a little playful, full of cheer and in my (very bias opinion) very cool. I hope you love them as much as me!

Meet Vincent

The perfect partner for our Pep tarot card tee, Vincent is almost the nuit version against Pep’s daydreamy, pastel tones. Moon and star designs are always something I’m drawn to, as you may very well have noticed from my past two collections, however this time around I wanted something a little more vibrant - I wanted bold and bright for our starry, starry night.

Meet Pep

Pep is a style from our first collection which I just couldn't say goodbye to (for many reasons including the fact it's named after my dog). The Moon tarot card is full of mysticism and double meaning, so why not create a second version in contrasting, beautiful ice cream tones of yellows and greens, teamed with powdery pinks. The perfect tee for any daydream believer.

Meet Melanie

As with Pep, Melanie was a tee from our second collection which I really wanted to carry through but with just a slight refresh. Previously when we’d looked at more magical and mystical designs, we were always drawn to dark hues; I decided it was time to turn that on it's head and move into the light. I love the washed out pinky tones of the tee teamed with the warm golden print to create a warm, welcoming T-shirt with a very bright future.

Meet Jimmy

Jimmy is a T-shirt filled with a lot of nostalgia and is so very close to my heart. I wanted to create a design around forget-me-nots or as a tiny Sophia once called them, ‘remember me’s’. I love the idea of flowers having a double message behind them; red roses for love, yellow for friendship. For me, forget-me-nots symbolise those I hold so dear. This tee is a real love letter to those amazing, unforgettable people in your life that you’re forever thankful for and should be worn with absolute love.

Meet Angelo

Angelo is another T-shirt which pays homage to family and ultimately, my happiest of places. It’s a tee bursting with joy; from its bright zesty colours, to its playful and quintessentially Italian tasty treats. The sunny cityscape design fills me with such wanderlust and is a reminder that at some point in the future we will be able to travel and discover new places. I’m half Italian and a big part of my childhood revolved around food with ‘mangia e si felice’, translating to ‘eat and be happy’ - something which is pretty central to Italian family living... Literally, your Italian Nonna’s mood all depends on how much food you’ve all eaten and how fast!

Meet Tom

The Tom tee is tangible proof of how perfectly mine and Joanie's Brand Director Lucy's ideas merge together. Lucy said, “we need a cat T-shirt where they are doing something quite human” and to that I responded, “oh of course, that goes without saying”. We played with this idea a lot in collection two; considering cats with umbrellas, cats at a bar and cats having breakfast - finally by collection number three, we got it right. Cats in a band? Obviously! I don’t think this needs any further explanation, do you?

Meet Lady

Lady is an ode to old vinyl records, 1970s rock and of course Penny ‘Lady’ Lane. I very much wanted this tee to look like record shop merchandise or uniform - a little kitsch and slightly gimmicky. I took inspiration from ‘90s teen film Empire Records and the immortal advice of Penny Lane in Almost Famous. Lady is a tee which reminds us all that with the right (good) music, you can never be lonely.

Meet Majieka

Majieka is a colourful, more playful take on the Lynne tee from my first collection. I’m still very much inspired by all things magical and mysterious, but I really wanted to move away from the gothic, witch-like aesthetic we’d used before. I wanted to create something a tough more playful with a little more zing - as well as a little hocus pocus.

Meet Emerson

The Emerson tee came to be from my new found love of gardening. When we first set out in creating this new collection, I knew I wanted more florals. No one can deny that it has been an odd year, but I think one of the positive takeaways I found from it, is a renewed appreciation for both nature and the beauty of each season. Emerson is an ode to green fingers, summers spent outdoors and learning your plant names. All very La Di Da if you ask me.

Meet Billy

The Billy sweatshirt is inspired by one of my favourite songs to listen to when I’m feeling a little down in the dumps. The slogan ‘Dream On’ should be read as words of encouragement, not the sarcastic retort (but that’s completely dependent on your mood that day, of course) and is a wonderful reminder to never lose hope. I really wanted the font style to match perfectly with the sentiment behind the words, so we opted for this really cool retro font in a marbled metallic for a kind of psychedelic, dreamlike feel.”

Meet Joe

Joe is an update on a T-shirt from my first collection which proved very popular, and after many requests, we decided to revisit the graphic with a fresh new spin. The faded charcoal jersey gives this tee a whole new vintage feel, teamed with the glittery pink font which adds a subtle hint of ‘80s glam and Hollywood showbiz. We think Alabama Whitman would undoubtedly approve!

Meet Laika

Another new take on a classic style, we decided to give the original Dustin Space Camp Tee a cool makeover. Laika is not messing around, moving away from the childlike nostalgia of the previous style, the grey marl backdrop instantly gives this design a more athletic feel, which any serious space cadet would be proud to wear.


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