Candy Cane Stripes

I know what you're thinking and I'm sorry but yes this is another post about stripes. However stay with me because these stripes are a little different from my beloved usual navy and cream combination, these stripes are in a plethora of colours and well, for want of a better word, they are just a little bit jazzy!

Striped Knit with Matching Neck Scarf- ASOS
As Above- ASOS
So awash the seventies trend sweeping the high street and pages of most magazines at the moment, there has also come with it the seventies spin on the stripe using a rainbow of colours. In bright or contrasting combinations (albeit sometimes a little garish, but we're OK with that because seventies pretty much invented garish) and with just a hint of glitter here and there... Think disco fever meets the jumper your Nan knitted you for Christmas. And the majority are knitted, which I love. Who ever invited glittered wool was a great man/woman and I thank you. May our jumpers forever sparkle like Ariel's dress at the end of "The Little Mermaid" (yes I did just reference a Disney princess, no I am not a basic bitch).

The inspiration for me is as vast as the colour coordination's used. For one, I love the glam rock, kinda tacky and ostentatious vibe of it. There's bright, clashing colours which speak for themselves and stand on their own in an outfit, all you need as good pair of skinny jeans and ankle, block heeled boot and you're channeling The Rolling Stones all the way and what could be more glam then that?

But then there's combinations of really soft, girly colours in sun bleached tones like peaches, mustards and blues that has a seventies, dreamy sundazed California vibe to it. I particularly love this "California Dreamin" sweater from Stoned Immaculate. Wear whilst listening to The Beach Boys, with your scruffiest pair of Converse high tops and a skateboard in hand (Beach Boys and Skateboard optional).

"California Dreamin" Sweater- Stoned Immaculate

 I'm in love with the stripes used in Gucci's Cruise'16 collection, lavish purple and green tones good enough to print on a sweet wrapper. And using bell sleeves and midi length skirts to give the overall look a more elegant, sophisticated feel. I have this photograph of my mum in the early 80's which for me encapsulates what I love about this trend, just like the Gucci collection she's wearing candy coloured bold stripes in a feminine midi cut dress and unbeknownst to her the outfit just looks so aesthetically pleasing next to her surroundings. A retro style front door and wooden window frames painted in cream and sky blue, on a typically English red brick terraced house, stood beside a bright pink kitsch climbing rose. Today that set up would make the perfect fashion shoot. It's a mixture of colours which don't work on paper but put together correctly have a nostalgic, dreamy feel which just makes you smile.

Both Pictures Above- Gucci Cruise'16
My Mum killing it in 1981
I feel like I'm rambling now. You get the idea. There are no rules to the colour combination and they can be as girly or boyish/ glam or laid back as you like. Here's a couple of my favourites around at the minute and how I wore them... Oh word of caution- Glittery knitwear is itchy, no exceptions, it's itchy. But that's a small price to pay for being sparkly.
Sophia X

Striped Turtle Neck Knit- Zara
Striped Knit- Zara
Cord Pinafore- Topshop Boutique
Striped T-Shirt- Zara
T-Shirt- Zara
Denim Dress- Topshop
Striped Knit- Urban Outfitters
Beret- Next
Knit- Urban Outfitters
Cord Dungarees- Primark
Glitter Knit- ASOS
Cord Skirt- Urban Outfitters or similar in Topshop

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  1. Absolutely love this post! Your outfits are so nice (I love 70s clothing too much haha) and you write with so much wit and detail 😍

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