Double Deniming

My outfit of the day consists of doubling up your denim! Eek! A combination of denim jeans and a denim shirt feared by many but loved by a few and I am definitely included in that minority. As a self confessed fan of dressing like a boy this look is right up my street. Yes ok, there is the small risk of looking like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake circa 2001 if you get it wrong BUT if you get it right it can work so well! Super effortless, a little boyish and a tiny bit chic (eurgh I've already used that word in a post before and I hate it! It sounds so naff! But it fits in with the point I'm trying to make so just try and over look the naffness for now please)!

As per pretty much every single one of my outfits and I'm so sure you're probably sick of hearing it by now, this look is vintage gold inspired by the seventies love of all things indigo wash denim. So sorry because I'm about to fan girl on you here but my biggest inspiration with this look and my whole wardrobe in general if I'm being perfectly honest is The Beatles. In particular we're talking say... late sixties kinda Abbey Road era when they'd stopped caring about a wholesome image and their styling seemed more relaxed, casual and a little more cool. And maybe even solo career John Lennon era where the vibe was Americana with denim jackets, denim flares and a white tee. They worked it well and if it's good enough for George to wear on the front of the Abbey Roads album cover then it's good enough for me.

To do this look right I wore a classic cut denim shirt in quite a masculine loose fit with a pair of high waisted vintage look jeans. The loose shirt gives the outfit it's boyish charm whilst the high waist of the jeans gives it a bit of femininity, I'd recommend the Topshop Mom jeans which are super high rise and taper down at the ankle. Try and go for denims in the shirt and jeans which are around the same shade as each other not exact but similar, extreme stone washed teamed with dark indigo is not a good look (unless of course as mentioned previously, you're named Justin or Britney and its 2001). I chose to wear a thick belt from ASOS with a western style buckle, nothing to fancy just something to separate the two pieces of clothing and help me avoid looking like I'm wearing a denim all in one. I wore my hair undone, admittedly this is partly because I'm lazy but also partly because I felt wearing curled hair or an up do and I'd be one small step away from sporting white cowboy boots and joining a rodeo. To finish off I wore my all time favourite, never ever failed me before coral lipstick from Mac called See Sheer just to give my outfit a more modern feel. If I was super brave I'd have gone for a baker boy hat also for a true George Harrison-esque vibe, but I'm happy taking baby steps for now. Hope you like. 

Sophia X

Shirt- ASOS
Belt- ASOS
Jeans- Topshop
Details from ASOS

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