Little Blouse On The Prairie

Let's all give it up for blouses! There are very few styles which have dated, in fact I'd go as far as to say the majority are timeless. It's more the way in which a blouse is executed which makes it feel current or trend lead, such as the colour, the fabric, the shape or the pattern. For example take any blouse in a thin blue and white stripe (I'm not a fan of the term "Pin Stripe", apologies), add in a few frills and team it with a sharp pair of culottes and you're definitely winning this season. Basically what I'm getting at is when I write about a certain style it's not necessarily that I think it's "in", more that it's my flavour of the week! My particular favourite at the moment is the Prairie blouse. 

Motel Rocks "Prairie Blouse"
Zara TRF Denim Blouse
It's similar to, but not to be mistaken with, the Victorian blouse (which I've written about before as a previous favourite). The Prairie blouse is kinda like the more fun, more adventurous, less up tight, younger cousin to the Victorian blouse if you get my drift. Just so we're clear (not that it matters in the grand scheme of things but just in case) the (adorable) defining details to the Prairie blouse are as follows:
  • The Pie Crust- Frill detailing on shirts, jumpers and tees is having a bit of a renaissance at the minute and I couldn't be more frilled about it (pun 100% intended). Any respectable Prairie blouse isn't afraid of using excessive amounts of frills also known as a Pie Crust hem (the title aptly fits with the Americana Deep South Prairie theme which makes me happy no end) on the neck, cuffs and down the front. Frillin' hell! 
  • Bows, Ribbons and Ties- Who needs a button fastening when a neat little bow does the job just as nicely? I'll tell you who doesn't, the Prairie! Ties on the neck and cuffs are a must on this blouse and as well as making it look extra pretty it gathers in that pie crust collar to make it well... More frilly to be honest. 
  • The Pattern- Where the Victorian blouse comes in more muted, feminine colours and delicate embroidery often in a similar colour to the fabric, the prairie is loud and proud. It can be in just about any colour, pattern or material. Gingham and florals are never to be shied away from and why not throw some lace in there too!
  • The Collar and The Bib- As mentioned somewhere above, the Prairie is less uptight than the Victorian blouse and so the collar is less rigid and high. In fact a simple ruffle where the collar should be will suffice. And naturally any bib featured should always be lined in a matching ruffle too, because did I mention the prairie blouse likes a frill?
Above are the two I particularly fell in love with and have already worn to death. The black and red floral striped pattern on the Motel blouse makes me swoon and it's not too loud that you're limited to what it will go with (I've worn it to death already. It goes with E V E R Y T H I N G). The Zara denim blouse, is a modern take on the Prairie shirt and I'm not going to lie, any denim variation on pretty much any item of clothing wins it for me (this strictly excludes accessories, wear a denim hat or a denim shoe and I'm sorry but we can't be friends. It just wouldn't work. It's not me, it's you... And your hat). This blouse is to be worn as a double denim duo with jeans or to sit nicely with a suede A-line mini/midi or as seen on me below, teamed with a seventies style cropped flare. Oh the possibilities are endless.

Blouse- Motel Rocks
Belt- ASOS
Jeans- Topshop "Mom" Jean
Blouse- Motel Rocks
Denim Pinafore- Topshop

Blouse- Zara TRF
Jeans- BDG at Urban Outfitters
Shoes- Topshop
Fluffy Tail- Property of Evie The Cat
And there you have it the defining- yet not so crucial- but extremely appealing characteristics of the prairie blouse, along with a little style guidance from myself (featuring Evie the cat) to hopefully help y'all put together a rootin' tootin' darn good outfit. Yeeehaaa!
Sophia x 

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  1. I have been wearing skirts, jean pants, and blouses from childhood, and I have a huge collection of blue blouses in varied styles and shades.