Two Outfits Are Better Than One

When I first started writing my blog I was always a little self conscious of my content and a little over aware that it consistently needed to be interesting and readable and "me". Nothing phony or contrived. I was super paranoid about writing the same old rubbish and it all sounding a little stale, "floral's for spring, seventies are in..." Continue the rest yourself because you've probably read it a million times. I've tried to always follow a theme or a story and ensure I had something with a bit of depth in what I wrote, mainly so all you lovely people who actually read this don't fall asleep mid post because it's as dull as the idea of "floral's for spring". But in all honestly all I want to do sometimes is show you what I credit as a lovely outfit and say "do you like this, because I love it". Sometimes they aren't the most ground breaking outfits, but then I don't deem my style to be. I can't repeat it enough I'm a lazy dresser! My first principle in choosing an outfit is always, is it easy? So with all of the above in mind this post is simply about my two favourite (possibly quite standard, depending on your taste) outfits that I've particularly loved wearing in the past two weeks . And I hope that's ok with you and I hope you like them.

Outfit #1- For The Boys In The Band

T-Shirt- Blossoms Merch Stand
Denim Midi- Topshop
Old Skool Vans- Size? 
Having a boyfriend in a band means you spend a lot of time alone and that can be a little rubbish. In addition you also spend a lot of time eating excessively, talking to your cat excessively and feeling completely humbled when the highlight of his day is playing a sold out show and yours is treating yourself to a can of full fat Coke with lunch. But it also has its wonderful plus points and for me one of them is raiding his merch. I'm a big fan of a merch stand and a sucker for a band tee (I went through an odd phase last year of buying cheap £2 band merchandise off Ebay just because, who doesn't need EVERY Smiths album cover on various t-shirts?). It's the inner band geek, teenager in me unwilling to let go and accept I'm now an adult and therefore need to stop dressing like a 14 year old boy! I kinda feel I get away with it in this outfit however because the midi skirt with the front split looks a little more sophisticated then a scruffy pair of jeans? Admittedly I then offset this sophistication with a pair of old skool vans... 

Outfit #2 Dream Shoe Believer 

Sweatshirt- Urban Outfitters
Shirt- Vintage- Beyond Retro
Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- Zara
The obsession with metallic shoes continues. And this time I've managed to find the most spot on daytime silver shoe! I've accidentally/completely on purpose built up quite the collection of  metallic footwear and am pretty sure I now have a shiny shoe for every occasion but I doubt this will curb my addiction. I've got serious love for teaming silver footwear with stone washed jeans, it's a complete match made in heaven. I think I particularly liked this outfit because I subconsciously took inspiration from the slogan and wore dreamy silver slippers and a Peter Pan collar... Hey ho, forever a daydreamer...

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