Sundays/Sun Daze

I have such a love/hate relationship with Sunday's. The majority of the day I love but I hate it when it has to end and those Monday feels kick in. My boyfriend says he dreads it turning 8pm because that's when I turn into serious, work mode me. Sunday's for me are procrastinating (up until 8pm obviously) and ideally it looks a little something like this; lay ins, coffee in bed, Eggs Benedict, not getting dressed until mid day, family time and most importantly ROASTS (diets don't exist on Sunday's)! Last Sunday ticked all of the above boxes. Sunday generally, as a rule, is the only full day I get to spend with Joe (said boyfriend). I work Monday to Friday and Saturdays, especially throughout summer, Joe will ordinarily be away on tour or at a festival. Making them ever more invaluable! 

So last week was super sunny and super hot and the main focus of my day was hunting down an ice cream van (priorities, priorities). I spent the day doing absolutely nothing in particular and that's the way I intended to keep it. My outfits on Sunday's (I feel like I'm on a Sunday word count of about 50 already) are normally minimal effort. Smock dresses or a striped tee and a stone washed Jean, normally do just fine for me. And obviously Converse or Superga are key. For some reason I always feel like the sun making an appearance forces you to step up your wardrobe game. This is probably due to sunny weather being so limited in Manchester and it opening up new (equally limited) outfit options, which you then have to quickly debut before the sun is gone and you're left with grey/rain again. 

Last Sunday I opt for my new favourite trouser/Jean (Jouser? Trean? Have I just invented a new mega mix item of clothing?!) from ASOS, which I featured in my last, "quickie", outfit of the day post. They're seriously comfy and this shape is a staple at the moment for me. It's like a cross between a culotte and a flare (flulotte? Clare? I'm on a roll today). Super flattering, a lil' retro, a lil' modern, very VERY current. I teamed it with one of my favourite types of fabric, Embroidery Anglaise. I recently did a HUGE wardrobe sort out, organising everything by similarity/categories and the amount of Broidery Anglaise I had almost rivalled stripes. Honestly if you think you can have too much of it, you're wrong. There's something sweet and nostalgic about this kind of fabric, like the type of thing your mum would have dressed you in for summer when you were younger. But then put Broidery Anglaise into a vintage blouse or a Cami and you have serious Penny Lane/Almost Famous kinda vibes. The one I'm wearing below is a newie from Topshop, in a square halter neck shape; I'm currently seeing a lot of this shape neck on the high street and frankly I really love it! I topped the whole outfit off with my all time winning sandals I've had for absolute YONKS from Office, they're effectively a grandad style sandal, they are so so SOOOOO comfy. They fit my feet like gloves and I always feel like I should be wearing them with a chunky marl sock and a cord slack à la your typical man over 70 years of age killing it on the outfit stakes. All in all this is a perfect Sunny Day outfit by my accounts. Laid back and lackadaisical just how I like my Sunday's.

So here I am, on yet another Sunday, currently sat in bed with Evie, my cat (festival season means I'm a Joe down) and my laptop typing all of this out for you! But if you've read any of the above you'll know I have some serious procrastinating to do, so if you don't mind I think we will leave it there for now. May your Sunday be filled with lots of non-productivity and roast chicken/potatoes. 
Sophia x 

Embroidered Cami- Topshop
Denim Cropped Pant- ASOS
Sandals- Find some similar here from Salt Water Sandals


  1. Lovely outfit! Your blog layout is looking very cool too! x

    India Charlotte♥

  2. That cami is gorgeous, love the whole 70s outfit going on here!

    Gabrielle Isabella X

  3. Ha I had a chuckle at your inventions for clothes names. You look lovely - the trousers look fab on you! Vxx